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Spanking Personals

I've received a few letters from people asking if I planned on making a section for spanking personals, and after some consideration I decided no. I've been to sites that have a personal section, and they either have a small amount of ads, or only have listings of people in major cities. But...after talking to some friends in the scene, they all recommended the same place:
Alternative Lifestyle Personals
Why? Because they have over one million listings! I looked around at this site and they have categories for everyone. Anyways, the quick instructions are you can join and set up your own profile for free, and then you can browse and look for people in your area. Go there..

Spanking clubs, parties and events

Area Website
UK Peaches Spanking Club
UK OTK UK Spanking Club
UK Moonglow Spanking Club
UK Northern Spanking
UK Ckeeky Spanking (Spanking Fantasy)
UK School For Spanking New!
UK Yorkshire Spanking (Spanking Party)
US - Chicago Crimson Moon, Ltd
US - Dallas / Fort Worth Bottoms Up
US - Hollywood Passive Arts (Spanking Fantasy)
US - Houston Red Bottom Spanking Club Of Houston
US - New York SCONY -Spanking Club Of New York
US - Las Vegas Shadow Lane (Spanking Parties)
US - Seattle Chastenwood

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