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Front Desk

Quick note: This section obviously needs to be updated, but I've left it up simply for nostalgia reasons. Some of these letters are 10 years old!

Readers' Letters

When I first started The Spanking News, I had no idea we would receive the huge amount of mail we now get on a daily basis. I wish to thank everyone who has taken the time to write, and I appreciate all the nice comments and good words people have relayed to myself and the small staff at The Spanking News. Every single email sent has been and will continue to be read, however I appologize that I am unable to reply to all of them simply because of the sheer volume ..some times 50 per day, and this is not including the normal spam.

However, I thought it might be a good idea to answer some of the most common questions we receive on a regualr basis, and hopefully this will help out those with simular questions.

(A lot of questions about (pay) spanking websites!)


What do you think the best membership site is right now? I was looking for a place that has lots of pictures movies and stories. Any sugestions?


Hi Paul,

That's a tough question to answer, because there are a lot of great paysites out there now. In the past few years I've seen a whole slew of them hit the net, and the quantity and quality of what they have to offer keeps getting better and better.

To answer your question, there is no one site that is perfect for everyone. Each caters to a certain individual and not everyone has the same taste. I have just written an article about choosing a paysite, so check it out here.

Also I have just added a bunch of new reviews of spanking websites too. As for finding a pay site with stories, I haven't really seen any lately. But in the story section there are some great links to free spanking story sites.

Hope this helps
The Editor


Great site you have! I was hoping you could help us out with something. My husband and I are looking for a spanking bench or table if you know what I mean. We have seen one in a Nuwest video (where a woman is caned on this bench) that we liked, but haven't been able to find one for sale. Do you know where we can locate something like this?

Susan & Michael

Dear S&M (hehehe)

I did some searching, and if it is the same bench I am thinking of... that has been used in countless Nu-West/Leda videos, you may be in luck.

Although Nu-West doesn't sell the actual bench, they do sell the plans.

You can buy the plans at:
Nu-West/Leda's Punishment Photo Galleries

They actually refer to it as a "Punishment Box", and I agree it's a cool piece of furniture. I'm not sure if you guys are handy at building things like this, but if not give your local carpenter the plans and I'm sure he won't have a problem. If he gives you a funny look, just say it will be used in a movie!
Have fun!

The Editor




(When we first started the series on Spanking In Wrestling, we received probably hundred letters basically asking this same question)


Could you tell me if there are videos available for sale that feature spanking in wrestling as shown in your gallery?

In general, wrestling is usually only shown on TV..and many times it is live (pay per view). I'm sure there are videos for sale of some of the big events, but I doubt you would find just the ones that contain spankings on sale at your local store.

Also, keep in mind that many of the spankings in wrestling are very brief, so it would probably be a waste to buy a tape or dvd of a wrestling match just for that.

There used to be a guy that had video compilations of "Spanking in the movies" and they would also feature some clips from spanking in wrestling. If he is still around I will post his info here when I find it.


Can you put up more pictures from a certain paysite?

I am only allowed to put up pictures and videos from spanking paysites that give me permission. They also will usually send me or tell me what pictures I am allowed to use. Some paysites allow me to use more then others, and it is something I have no control over.

Why do you have so many pictures and videos from Girls Boarding School. Are you owned by them?

See above. And no we are not owned by them. The fact of the matter is that Girls Boarding School has over 10,000 pictures and over 2200 video clips. They are very generous with other sites using their content for promotion (with permission) because they simply have so much of it!

Understandably smaller paysites can not do the same thing, because they don't have as much content.

Also keep in mind the free galleries are there to show you a glimpse of what is inside the paysites. If you really like them, join them and become a member.

Sure no one likes to pay for something when think they can find it for free, and I used to be the same way. But trust me.. you won't find a free site that has thousands of pictures and movie clips! I am not suggesting that you sign up to every paysite, every month. Just try one.

Look through my review pages to find the right site for you. And keep in mind, EVERY site listed on my pages I have personally visited and they have exactly what they promise. If they didn't, I would not list them. That, you have my word.


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