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Front Desk

Readers' Letters

Note: I wish I could answer all letters personally, but unfortunately I am unable due to the sometimes large number of mail, and other obligations. However, I do read and appreciate every piece of mail. Thanks for your support.
The Editor

Updated March 18, 2006

----- Original Message -----
From: *******@aol.com
To: the_editor
Sent: Friday, March 17, 2006 4:52 PM
Subject: (no subject)

Hi I was visiting your site when I came across your review for Guba. This site Guba is nothing but trash and a lot of stolen material. I know because I produce spanking videos for over 8 years now. My name is Kelly Payne and I found some of my stuff on this site put there without permission.

It costs a lot of money to shoot videos and stills then anyone can take this and place it on Guba. I am sorry but this is stolen material.

I am disheartened that you would be promoting a site like this.

Kelly Payne


Dear Kelly,

Guba is a newsgroup service, and simply provides another way of accessing newsgroups. They do not write the messages or put up photos and videos themselves. Newsgroups date back since before the internet as we know it today (over 20 years), and are basically online discussion groups. There are groups for every subject imaginable, ranging from normal to the very obscure. The messages, photos and videos are posted by millions of people from around the world, and they are stored on thousands of servers run by internet service providers.. including yours. Yes believe it or not, you might be able view the newsgroups from your very own ISP. Is it your ISP's fault that this offending material is present?

But my point is these groups have existed long before Guba or any other online newsgroup or usenet service, and it is not Guba who is providing the material, they are only providing yet another way to access it. To explain things in a different way, lets take a look at email. Someone sends you a message, and you are able to read it using an email program like Outlook Express or you can use one of the many web based email sites like Hotmail or Yahoo.

Outlook or Hotmail does not write messages to you, they are simply providing you with a way to read the messages sent by other people. Blaming Guba because of a certain message or video you happened to find, is like blaming Outlook Express or Hotmail  because you get spam. It is not Guba's responibility to check every single message or video to see if it is being used against the wishes of the producer. Just like it is not Outlook or Hotmail's resposiblity to read your emails or check to see if that funny video someone sent you is copyright.

Guba is not simply an adult porn site. If you go to their main page you will find they list every interest like music videos, cartoons, comedy, movie posters, reality tv, and yes adult material. As stated earlier Guba, myself or others who promote them like Real Spankings, Spanking Blog, etc have no control over what is posted on the newsgroups. Many spanking paysites post material themself as a form of promotion. Users may watch a free video clip or look at free pictures and decide to join the paysite seeking more of the same. It is impossible for anyone to tell if someone is posting material against the wishes of the owner of that content, or if in fact the poster IS the owner or working for the owner.
I can homestly say I have personally joined many spanking paysites because of seeing a video clip by them posted in the newsgroups, and I am sure many others have done the same. I used to be one of those people who surfed around endlessly looking for free stuff, yet gave that up years ago because it became a big waste of time. Some people will surf around for years, and end up with a video collection that is less then what you would have if you joined Girls Boarding School, Real Spankings, or Lupus and downloaded for only an hour. If people want to waste years of their time instead of paying $20-$30 to join a site or order a video, then I guess that is up to them. But I think many are getting smarter and starting to join spanking sites after experiencing a taste of what they offer. And sometimes they get that taste from the newsgroups.
If you don't want your stuff put up on usenet, all you can do is contact the original person who posted it and tell him or her to stop. If that doesn't work contact his isp. But keep in mind, that will not stop other people from posting in the future, and you will have to repeat this process over and over. Or.. you can just ignore it and keep producing quality material and the people will come to you. As mentioned earlier there will always be people looking for free stuff, but the pay sites that produce quality have been around for years and do very well because there are lots of people who will pay when they find something they like. They associate your name with quality, and pay to see it despite being able to find bits and pieces around the net for free.

The Editor
Note: You can visit Kelly Payne at www.tantrumtrainers.com





Received a lot of letters about the the new Lupus site. recently..

From: Darren (Chicago)
Thanks for the great review on the new Lupus paysite. I am one of those who was not able to buy their movies and have them shipped to me for a number of different reasons, so I was really happy to find out they had a website where I can download the movies. So far I have downloaded 3 full videos and the quality is much better then I expected. Thanks again for the tip. This turned out to be a great Xmas present for myself!

From: George (UK)
The new Lupus Spanking page is awesome!!!! I had no idea they would put up so many movies for download. My favorite so far is Old Janitors tale. The true quality of Lupus films can be seen in this wonderful movie.

From: Mike & Holly (Florida)
Just a quick note to say how much we love the Lupus site that you praised in your review. The movies are fantastic and it is nice to watch something with so much thought that went into the production. In general we are not a fan of porn sites, but we consider Lupus a step above other movies sites that just show the spanking, with poorly acted and produced scenes filmed in one room with a couple cameras. When you watch a Lupus film you feel like you are watching a REAL movie, not something that was thrown together in 10 minutes for the sake of churning out another a quick video.

And there were many more along the same lines as above regarding the new Lupus site. It's safe to say everybody loves it.
The Editor



Here's a story and pic from Dan:


M.P. and I have played with spanking for a little while now.  We've
shared fantasies about spanking.   She learned that the fantasies she has had about beings spanked do work in real life as well or better than she expected.  The even better news is I've found that the fantasies that I've had about spanking someone work as well or better in real life.  We started with lighter spanking with jeans still on. 

Afterwords we talked and she asked if I would like doing it harder, that she would love to find out how much she could handle.  As this fits in with what I want very much to do, I agree.  Next time, I started her off over the jeans but wanted to start harder.  It worked for both of us again and was even better.  I pulled her jeans down and gave a few swats on her bare ass, feeling her skin give under my hand.  I have her stay bent over the bed while I just look at what I've done and smile. 

Today was different.  We both knew it.  Today she was going to go farther into he space and I was going to put her there.  We kissed and I ran my hands over her body, taking her sweater and bra off.  She's beautiful, absolutely beautiful.  I bent her over the bed and sat down beside her.  I rubbed her ass, anticipating what was to come.  Rubbing her ass, feeling where my target was, massaging tissue and preparing her.

She is relaxed, hands over her head, kneeling on the bed frame with her toes on the floor.  Layed out for me.  I start spanking and she flinches with the first three or four smacks.  I notice she is no longer flinching.  She is relaxed, she starts gasping as my hand meets with her ass.  I do not know how many strokes, but the  first set is just a warm up for the second set.  Rubbing her ass more, I want her to relax more, I want her to work to a space where she has no worries, no cares and she is almost there.  Her body has melted, she moves as I touch her, where I put her, the way I want her, physically as well.

I pull her pants down and find a thong.  Perfect.  I want her ass, whether we get to anything else is irrelevant, I want her ass.  We're talking about how she feels and I rub her cheeks deeply.  I rub hard, feeling the heat from her ass where it's already marked.  She has a red blush going very nicely but she can and will take more.  After I get a feel for where she is and how her ass feels, I start in again on her naked ass.  This feels good!  She's told me she has never had hard
enough.  We're going to change that.  10 more on bare skin.  I have her count and she does.  I'm spanking her about half way for me, my hand doesn't sting at all but I know it's harder than she's used to feeling.

I notice she is no longer even trying not to flinch, she is just relaxed.  I rub her ass for a minute to rub everything down.  She feels wonderful.  During this set, I take my hand off and wait.  I want to see if she tenses, I want to know if her relaxing is a thought out experience or if she has gone into her own world.  She is relaxed, there is not even an indication that she is willing herself to do anything, she is just accepting what I have to give her.  Last two, I tell her these will not be play.  I want to sting.  She doesn't even flinch for either of them but I can tell they are what she HAS been looking for. 

I rub her ass some more, feeling the heat radiating off her, into my hand.
 I love the way her ass looks, I just touch, rub, feel, and look at what she now looks like.  She's bent over my bed, pants down around her knees with her ass bright red and already starting to bruise.  She will remember this and I will smile as I fantasize about it and look forward to another session.

She asks about my belt.  I wear thick belts and she knows it.  We have already gone farther than we have before and I do believe she can take a whole lot of thick leather against her ass, but we never have, so I decide to tease her a bit and let her think about it before we get to implements.  My hand does not hurt, it does not sting and I can give her much more that way but that is also in the future.

I do take my belt off and keep her bent over the bed.  I hold the belt half way down, so it doesn't have the full swing.  We have a lot of time in the future together and, again, I want her to know she wants to go further before we do.  One swat on the right cheek with a full swing. She doesn't flinch, she gasps in what I know to be pleasure.  I say that I cannot just do one cheek and raise my arm for the other side.  There is no tensing up inside her, she has melted, she is mine.

I know she needs physical assistance for her ass, so I rub.  I find lotion and start to heat it with my hands as you do suntan lotion, then realized that cold lotion probably was a better idea and just use it right out of the pump bottle.  She says she wouldn't mind me working my way up her body.  Who am I to argue with that?  I work my way up her back and we just love on each other for a while.  I need to kiss her, so I do.  Repeatedly.  She looks so lovely, messed up hair, bent over, looking at me with love and devotion.  There is a lot in that look right before I kiss her, there was even more in the kiss.  She stayed melted in my arms.  Relaxed and knowing the world was not her problem, I had her and wouldn't let anything else harm her.

Before I let her get back up and the moment ended, I took pictures of my handiwork, one of which is attached.  I said I would love to show her ass off and would look at pages about spanking to see if any would post this.  She thought that would be about as hot as it gets and told me to let her know if any did.  So I send this letter and this picture to you in the hopes I can show her off to the public who can appreciate what it means.

Thank you for your time.


Here's a letter regarding the Tea Set and my confusion on this page about why there is a spanking on the dishes. This reader explains it all.

From: Juan

Hi, surfed across this page of your site. It's not a
girl. You will figure out the scene on the saucers if
you know this nursery rhyme..

 The Queen of Hearts

The Queen of Hearts,
She made some tarts,
All on a summer's day;
The Knave of hearts,
He stole those tarts,
And took them clean away.

The King of Hearts
Called for the tarts,
And beat the knave full sore;
The Knave of hearts
Brought back the tarts,
And vowed he'd steal no more.

Thanks Juan! I had no idea it was from a nursery ryhme.. I thought it was just something made in China, and they used a spanking for an attention grabber!
The Editor



A letter from Jannen regarding the feature story about Domestic Discipline located here

Comment on your feature story: Domestic Discipline

I am in a domestic discipline relationship. My husband and I have been married for 12 years. You pointed out that a "real domestic discipline" spanking has nothing to do with sex, and should never result in sex. I just thought your reader should hear more than one view on the subject.

Although I enjoy play or erotic spankings, my correctional spankings are quite real. They do sometimes end in sexual intercourse. There are many reasons for this.

After the punishment is over, all is forgiven. That is what helps DD marriages thrive. When I am crying on my partners lap after having been punished, I am extremely connected to him emotionally and physically. Sexual intercourse after a spanking reassures me that my husband still sees me as an attractive adult, not an unruly immature woman who's behavior has ceased his desire toward me.

Also I find the act of submitting to my husband an extreme turnon. Engaging in sexual intercourse after a spanking in no way impedes the lesson, in my opinion it reinforces his love and devotion to the woman, much like the spanking itself does.

Simply put, if you are going to do an article on DD, please try to cover more than one person's perspective. Her guidlines may be perfect for her, but they are by no means the "correct" way. Everyone finds thier own way to make it work, and a person who is interested in the DD lifestyle should do considerable research before adopting another's rules, or guidelines.

Thanks for having such an interesting blog. I have visited it regularly for quite a while now.


Response from The Editor

I am not sure if this letter is directed at myself or "Linda" who wrote this article, but it sounds like this person is upset that I didn't get more then one person's opinion before putting up this article on the site.

To begin with, Domestic Discipline is a very controversal subject. Linda mentioned she did a long search on DD before giving "her definition", and I did the same thing before I posted the article in question (and also before writing this reply).

I can confirm that everyone has their own idea about what domestic discipline is, and in my opinion I agree with Linda that MOST pages I found on this subject are simply couples who enjoy spanking.. just like me and you.

And hey, there is nothing wrong with that. But when you try to use some other term or name for what you do, to me it is like you are trying to hide the fact you are a spanko.  Sorry but that is just my opinion. If you enjoy spanking, or even have sex right after it, I honestly don't see how a
spanking could be considered "discipline" for that person. 

I am sure many of my women reader would love to be "disciplined" in the form of spanking followed by sex. But c'mon folks, would it really teach you a lesson? Would it really stop your bad behavior.. or increase it so you could be "punished" some more?

Let's use something else as an example. Say I enjoy watching spanking videos on the net (which I do), and say I normally watch an hour of videos everyday. Now let's say I promised my wife or girlfriend I would clean up that nasty oil stain on my driveway, and I didn't.

She then tells me I will have to be punished, then orders me to watch 3 hours of  Lupus movies and after that we will have great sex. Now I ask everyone reading this: Do you think that would be a real punishment? Do you think that would make me more responisble? Of course not.

If you already enjoy being spanked, but for a "real punishment" you are simply spanked harder.. and then have sex. Sorry, but I fail to see how this could possibly change anyone's attitude or behavior. If anything, the guilty person will try to get into trouble more.

What is different about Linda is that she doesn't like to be spanked. When I exchanged several emails with her, she mentioned she found my page while searching for The Spenser Spanking Plan. She doesn't think there is anything wrong with people like me and you, but she made it very clear from the begining that she does not enjoy being spanked.

When I asked how many times she was spanked last year and the year before, she told me 2 years ago she was spanked.. hold on to your hats.. 3 TIMES, and last year (2005) TWICE! Yes twice for the whole year. Before she answered I was expecting her to give a number like 10. or about once a month.

Does this sound like someone who wants a spanking OR does it sound like someone who is greatly trying to avoid one?

Linda's words from one of her emails:
"..and that is why it is such an effective tool of discipline for myself. It is extremely painful, very humiliating, and it is definitely  something I do not wish to experience. I am not questioning you or your readers for your choice in this fetish or lifestyle. I think it is great for people to express themselves sexually in any way they feel comfortable, and if a woman enjoys being spanked I can respect that.

However when searching for what others had to say on this subject I found page after page of porn sites, and pages created by people who obviously enjoy being spanked. What bothered me the most, is that these people were so quick to lable what they do as Domestic Discipline, adding to the confusion and bad name that DD already has.

What others and myself practice is not some sort of sex game. I can not stress this enough. We were people in marriages that were on the verge of collapse, and our problems required more then simply trying something new in the bedroom. A great sex life doesn't garantee a great marriage.

Communication is the most important thing. If you don't have good communication with your partner you need to work on that first. You need to be able to talk to your parner about everything, and I mean absolutely everything in your life."

another snippet:
(when asked about the reasons for her 2 spankings this year)

One was for swearing and the other was for getting a ticket for speeding. My husband always hated the fact I would sometimes say the "sh" word that ends with a "t" when I would get angry, and he never used language like that. When we first decided to use DD, my swearing was one of the first thing on the list of punishable offences.

I used to swear daily, and even around company sometimes (it would just slip) and it would drive him crazy. This past July I was working on something for work on my computer that was very important when it crashed. I yelled out the "sh" word so loud my husband in the other room clearly heard me. I didn't even wait for him to call me. I went straight to the kitchen, brought the chair into the livingroom, took down my pants and waited for him."
End of snippet

Now if I was to pick which story sounds more like REAL Domestic Discipline, I would have to go with Linda's. But I hope Janeen continues to have fun in her relationship.

The Editor

Here's a letter from Lxxx Jayne about her personal experiences:

Dear Editor,

What a great site, I thoroughly enjoy it.  Thought you might
like to learn of my spanking experiences.

Alicia, my Lesbian lover, and I have two types of spanking:
one as part of our love making and one for discipline.  She,
who is the older, always punishes me.

The love making can be gentle hand taps on my bare buttocks
as we kiss and caress or it can be harder.  I first
signified my interest in this area by asking Alicia to spank
me with a riding crop as a part of our love making.  She did
and I was very sore afterwards.

Our love making spanking is always by agreement and
enjoyable.  However, disciplinary spanking is because I have
upset my lovely Alicia to the extent that she feels she must
punish me physically.   A common reason has been that, with
a thirteen year age gap (my 26 to her 39) and Alicia as my
very first Sapphic lover, she fears I may abandon her for
someone else, perhaps someone younger.  I have played up
those fears sometimes by teasing her badly (I really would
not leave her, she means too much to me) and reduced her to
tears of frustration and rage.  And she has then hand
spanked me to make me behave.

It did work for a while but I think I became less sensitive
to her smacks even on my bare behind.  So my punishment wore
off too quickly.

One day she came to see me and she brought with her a school
type cane. She had found somewhere on the internet where she
could still buy such a thing.  It had a curved handle, was
thin and whippy and about a yard long.  She asked that I
keep this on display to remind me to behave in future.

Believe me, it did!  It looked so fearsome.  The riding crop
we had tried initially was much shorter in comparison with
less leverage to inflict a sharp wound each time.  But the
cane had been designed to hurt.

As the weeks went by, though, I forgot how frightened I had
been of it.  One day, when Alicia was at work and I was not,
she asked me to do something really important for her as I
had the time and she didn.t.  It doesn.t matter what it was
except that I did mean to do it but, in the end, something
else more interesting came up and I couldn.t be bothered.

When Alicia came home, she asked what had happened and I had
to explain that I hadn.t done what she asked . and now it
was too late.  She looked very disappointed with me and
turned away.

I had cooked dinner but we ate in silence: I felt very
ashamed.  Afterwards, Alicia told me to go and change into
my pyjamas.  This was at seven o.clock in the evening!   But
I went to do it; I knew what was coming.

The pyjamas she meant were an old pair, very thick and itchy
and now too small so that the jacket buttons only just did
up and the trouser part was very tight around my butt and
bit into my waist.  I hated them but Alicia asked I keep
them for punishment purposes sometimes.

When I came downstairs, she was standing with the cane in
her hand and a chair in the centre of the room.  She told me
to take down my pyjama trousers (no panties underneath, of
course) and to bend over the back of the chair and grip the
seat very tightly.  I was on no account to touch my buttocks
during the punishment or I would be given extra strokes.

I felt afraid.  I had hoped that, for this first time at
least, Alicia would cane me over my pyjama trousers or, at
least, allow me to wear some panties to help absorb the
shock but she clearly wasn.t going to.

The chair back I was bent over was quite high and dug into
my lower belly and bush.  I had to stand almost on tiptoe to
prevent it hurting too much and this was a very awkward
position for a caning.  I gripped the seat hard in both
hands and clenched my teeth and my buttocks as I felt,
rather than saw, her swing the cane down.

As with the horse crop some time before, the first stroke
felt like a blow and it was a second or two before I really
felt the sting.  But it was much more severe than that
riding crop had ever been.  I had just registered the stroke
when I heard a swish and the cane descended for a second
time.  I quivered and shook under the impact and the pain
roared through me from my buttocks up my back to my belly
and breasts where my nipples hardened.   Even as I winced
from the torment, a third and fourth stroke came down.

Then I was aware of Alicia putting the cane down.

She told me then to pull up my pyjama trousers which I did
with great difficulty.  I could feel with my fingers that my
rear end was ridged and welted and oh so sore.  She told me
to go straight to bed.  It was seven fifteen.  

Does this seem strange to you that a twenty six year old
woman with her own job and home will allow herself to be
beaten by her lover and sent to bed like a child?   If it
does, then you don.t understand the truly wonderful
relationship we have together and how I love and trust her
and want to make her happy.   Dear Alicia, who allowed me to
explore my desires with her and to continue to do so, who
makes me so emotionally fulfilled that I feel I will burst
with joy sometimes, who gives me punishments I deserve and
lifts my guilt and removes any lingering resentments this
way that might otherwise sour our relationship and who calls
me .her little wife. sometimes, which I am proud to be.

I climbed into bed and I cried.  Tears for my pain and tears
for letting down Alicia by not doing what I had promised. 
After a while I fell asleep and it was quite dark when I
realised that Alicia had entered the bedroom and was
undressing.  I heard the rustle of her clothes and smelled
her perfume.  

She snuggled down beside me and reached over to pull me
towards her in her arms.  Her lips met mine and I felt her
tongue, so soft and sweet against mine.

.I think you.ve had your punishment,. she said.  .Let me
make you more comfortable..

She took hold of the front of my too tight pyjama jacket and
without undoing the buttons, pulled it open.  Buttons flew
off and the material tore and I felt a great sense of relief
that I would not have to wear it again.  Her hands then went
to the waistband of my pyjama trousers and she tugged them
down but the material was extra tight over my bruised and
swollen buttocks.  Alicia tugged harder, there was a rip as
a seam gave way and the trousers came down exposing me in a
lovely way.

We spent the rest of the night in heaven.



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More coming soon..
The Editor

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