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New Music Video "Hear My Name" By Armand Van Helden

Sure to Spank Up a Storm

The Editor
The Spanking News

When I heard that there was a new music video out that included spanking, I sort of said to myself, "Yea right!". I mean, what could they really show? Are we just talking about a few pats to the bum of some pop star trying to top the Janet and Justin Superbowl thing, or something with a little more substance. I downloaded the video from the record company's website ready to quickly dismiss it as another false sighting.
The video starts off with two lovely ladies (Spalding Rockwell) situated in a large mansion. They are both seated and singing a rather catchy pop tune... so catchy I have been singing it all day! At the supermarket, driving in the car, so be warned that you will be compelled to watch the video over and over again, leaving the lyrics burned into your memory cells!

Innocently enough, a man walking down the street finds the house, enters, and with a ring of the bell he is called to the area where the sexy gals are situated. The next scene shows him over the knee of one of the women with sort of a "what the hell" look on his face, getting spanked. But wait, that's not it. This isn't a quick clip of a woman spanking a guy, the whole music video features both women spanking what appears to be the whole town! Most of it I might add is over the knee with pants down, or skirts raised!

They all line up like they are waiting to get their license renewed, and then over the knee they go. I'm not sure why all these people are getting spanked...who cares! But it is done in a way so each smack follows the beat of the music. Excellent choreography too I might add, and when the tempo changes to a faster pace, so does the spanking.

With each edit, another two people are getting spanked, and then another two people and so on. This basically goes on for the whole video, and as I mentioned ..all to the beat of the music. To please the two sexes both guys and girls get smacked, with the guy getting it from the gal on the right and the gal getting it from the one sitting on the left. In unison of course.

Since this is a new video I'm not sure how well it will go over when it hits the airwaves, especially in the US. They will either have to show it in its entirety or ban it completely. I'm not exaggerating when I say there is spanking through the whole thing, so it would be impossible to edit. There would be nothing left!

But I'm going to take a positive attitude with this one and hope the censors see this music video as simply good old fashioned fun, which it is. No one is being harmed, no one was forced to get into that long line outside the house. And it doesn't look like anyone is suffering any sort of real discomfort being over the laps of these singers. Sure there is bound to be some flack, like when the movie Secretary hit the big screens and a few women groups screamed "Violence against women!"

They can't whine that phrase this time because in this music vid, everyone is spanked: Men, women, black, white, older people, younger people. But I say show your support for artists like this by buying their CD and video (if it ever becomes available) and call up your radio stations and ask them to play this tune. Let the censors know that if we want to see consenting adults get spanked, that is our decision. And if you try to take that away, we'll spank you!
The Editor

Note: This video was available for months on the record company's website but they have since taken it down. But if you don't happen to catch it on your local channel that shows music videos, try a search on google and I'm sure you will find it somewhere. I don't want to put up any links to sites here because it seems like they change what they show on a regular basis, however while browsing the music vids on Yahoo Launch I was able to quickly find the "Hear My Name" video by Armand Van Helden.

©2004 The Spanking News