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Reviewed Spanking Movie
By The Editor

Lady Jane

Paramount Home Video (1986)

I can remember as if were yesterday the first time I gazed apon this scene. I was at a friends place having a few beers and watching T.V, before heading out to the local pub. My friend was channel surfing looking for something interesting to watch, when suddenly this movie appeared on the screen. There before me was a beautiful young lady draped over a chair, her dress being raised by what looked liked servants, and she was being caned by a women who looked to be her mother. My friend watched this event unfold like I did for a few brief moments, and then without notice changed the channel.

Later that night when I arrived home, I searched frantically in the T.V listings for the name of this movie so I could watch it again. I found it! ...It was called Lady Jane.

Since that day I must have seen this movie on T.V over a dozen times, and it is still one of my all time favorite spanking scenes in a regular movie. Why? Was it her act of defiance by refusing to follow her parents wishes to marry Guildford Dudley? Was it the way she hesitantly but willfully positioned herself over the chair, and allowed the servent girls to raise her skirt exposing her beautiful bare bottom?

Although the actual spanking or caning scene is quite brief and you don't actually see the cane stike her bare bottom, the fact that you know it does, added with poor Lady Jane's facial expressions speak a thousand words.

The scene fades off but then returns a brief minute later with Jane on the floor still refusing to give in to her mother's wishes. The servent girls roughly toss her back into position over the chair, throw up her skirts again, and then the caning continues fading into the shadows.

As mentioned this film has been shown many times on regular T.V networks, history channels, and I even came across it at my local library. Lady Jane is also available for rental or purchase on video or DVD.

The Editor

©2003 The Spanking News