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Reviewed Spanking Movie
By The Editor

Love Crimes


I always seem to stumble across a spanking scene in a movie by accident, and "Love Crimes" was no exception. My TV was getting old, so I went to the local electronics store to have a look at the new models. I wasn't there for 5 minutes when I walked by a bunch of televisions that were all playing the same video tape. And of course as luck would have it, just as I looked up at the row of TVs, Sean Young was being taken over the knee for a good long spanking. It seemed to go on forever! A few minutes later I asked one of the salesmen the name of the movie that was playing. He showed me the box and I said to myself, "Hmmm...I know what video I'm renting tonight."

Its important to note before I go on, that this amazing spanking scene can only be found on the "Unrated Version". If you buy or rent the regular verson you will probably be extremely disapointed, because: a) There is no spanking scene, and: b) The rest of the movie is pretty cheesy! But this can work to your advantage because Amazon.com is selling used copies for as low as $2.99! Now where else can you have this much fun for 3 bucks?

Oh yea, back to my review! What makes this spanking scene so great is the unusual high number of smacks for a regular movie. There are about two dozen, and given very firmly too I might add. That's even more swats given at one time, then some adult spanking producers give before they just "have to" rub the girls bottom! I hate it when they do that! "Smack Smack Smack" and then a half minute of rubbing, and then "Smack Smack Smack" and more rubbing. Look buddy, rub the girl's butt on your own time, I'm paying for this!
What tops off this scene is Sean Young's very realistic reactions. She gets my nomination for:
Best Acting in a Spanking Scene in a Regular Movie.
Then again, maybe she wasn't acting! Rent or buy "Love Crimes" and you'll see what I mean.

New! Here's a short video of the spanking scene
(right click on link and choose "save target as")

The Editor

©2003 The Spanking News