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Reviewed Spanking Movie
By The Editor


Wealthy cattle baron G.W. McLintock returns to his brash wife after a two year separation, only to be greeted by fiery accusations of infidelity. She vows to divorce him and the two of them turn the entire town upside down in a hilarious romantic showdown. .
There are actually two spankings in this movie, the first comes about half way through, while the last (and one of the best in a regular movie) comes at the very end. But hey, don't just fast forward, watch the whole thing because its a great movie. Definitely one of John Wayne's best in a comedy role.

To me this film is a classic. Rarely do I buy a movie just for the spanking scenes, but in my opinion this one is a must for every collection. The build up towards the second spanking will have you squirming in your seat in anticipation. It doesn't come quick, they draw it out until your ready to burst at the seams! Alright, maybe I'm exaggerating slightly, but I take it you know by now how much I love this movie.

The last scene was just perfect: A crowd gathers, sexy Maureen O'Hara is in her skimpies, over the knee she goes, a coal shovel perfect for the job is handed to McClintock and the lap dancing begins!
True if it would have been you or me her bottom would have been bared as well, but maybe some day a remake will be made with this omission included. Yea right, your probably saying...but one can always dream!

The Editor

©2003 The Spanking News