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The Beat Goes On

Last updated:
February 18, 2013
By The Editor
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Spanking Videos Music

With the growing number of spankings in music videos lately, I thought there needed to be a brand new section to showcase the insanity. Some are better than others, while a few are downright strange.


Sit back and relax and turn up the volume!




Armand Van Helden - Hear My Name
(F/F F/M)

This is my favorite spanking music video. I can remember the first time I put a link up for it almost 10 years ago, the producer or director emailed me less than a week later. At first I thought he was going to tell me to take it down, but he was actually happy and thanked me for promoting the video!




Rammstein - Sonne

Yes I know this video is (F/M) and I usually never post males getting spanked by females on this site, but I just think this video is so wild it deserves a place here. Something tells me if they would have had a giant guy spanking women, certain whiny groups would have complained and had this video banned.

Note: This video must be watched on Youtube. Click here to go there.





Omaha Bitch - Dancing Cyprine (M/F)

There have been a lot of bum drums showing up recently on a lot of spanking blogs, but this one came out years ago before the recent craze.






BUNDA PANDEIRO (film by Carlo Sampietro)

This one is actually a short film, but since it is music related the perfect spot for it is right here. One of my favorites simply because the bums are bare!






Mjoff - Naughty Girls need Spanking

And now for something completely different.. This one falls under the WTF category. Yes I know at the beginning of the video that is a guy in a wig, but later on he changes into a real girl and is spanked.. kinda.. sorta..






The Pinky Song

I wasn't sure if I should add this one since the spanking is very brief and light, but the song is funny and I thought some of you might like it.





Go! -Tones of Tail

This video features spankings from mainstream movies with the spanks synchronized to the music. The quality is not perfect, but it's watchable.






Gromono-das Musikvideo

Another WTF video of a monster that captures and punishes a couple cheerleaders. At the very least you will smile at how cheesy this video is.






Bottom percussion PATAX

More great bottom drumming. It's amazing how some bums have different acoustic qualities than others. Watch till the end to see the after-care of the drums.






If you happen to find any spanking music videos in your travels, shoot me an email so I can add it to the collection.


The Editor