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Ed Lee (1935-2013)
The Spanking Community loses their John Wayne

February 15, 2013
By The Editor
The Spanking News©




Ed Lee Nu-West/Leda




If you are chatting around the water cooler at work, and ask fellow co-workers if they heard that Ed Lee passed away, you will probably be met with blank stares and the echoed question, "Who?"


But to those in the spanking community his name was well known, especially to those who have been following the scene for years. He was the guy that started it all, our hero, he was our John Wayne, Elvis Presley, and the Beatles all wrapped up into one.


It was announced a few days ago on the Nu-West Leda website that Ed Lee passed away last month on January 06, 2013. Even for those new to spanking and not versed on many of the industry names, you would instantly recognize his work in the form of the pictures and videos he produced.


His pictures and videos pre-date the internet, usenet, and even modern home video cameras. Ed Lee founded Nu-West in 1978 and originally sold photo sets and 8mm movies.. not video, but actual film that required a projector.


His legacy includes books, magazines, and over 1000 videos.


The pioneer of adult spanking material had a very rough time in the early days with the government and censorship laws. In a 2009 interview with Le journal de la fessee (The Spanking Journal), he stated:



"In those days, government censorship was very bad. They always lost in court but it cost a lot of money to go to court against the government because they had unlimited funds, but they still harassed and threatened people in the adult business, especially in the fetish businesses.


In those days you were only allowed to produce spanking movies or photos under very strict rules. The "instruments" had to be non painful, such has newspapers or cloth belts. The models were not allowed to show pain. They had to be giggling or laughing to show they weren't being hurt. I broke that rule by selling movies and pictures that showed real spanking.


The government threatened me with a letter telling me I "may" be breaking the law. The letter went on to tell me how many hundreds of years I could go to jail for what I was doing. I wrote "Fuck You!" on it in big letters and sent it back. My lawyer told me it was a very stupid thing to do but after that they left me alone.


I think it was because I fought in Vietnam and received some impressive medals. There were thousands and thousands of us who fought there who were very bitter against the government. I don't think the government wanted to anger us further by arresting one of us for producing spanking photos when the same government thought nothing of napalming civilians in Vietnam."



Nu-West quickly gained popularity over the years, and his work was the first to appear online in the early days of the internet, exposed to many who never knew adult spanking material existed. In my recent article: Origins of a spanking fetish, I mentioned that my first day on the internet was spent downloading spanking pictures. 99% of them were Nu-West stuff. I was so infatuated, due to the fact I had never seen real spanking pictures before, that I stayed awake for over 24 hours with my eyes glued to the computer screen.


I didn't realize at the time that I was technically viewing pirated material, and I honestly believe the people who put the pictures online didn't think they were doing anything wrong either. But the fact remains that Nu-West/Leda gave many, possibly millions, their first glimpse of the adult spanking world and left them comforted knowing they were not alone in this fetish. Not just with his work, but by those who were inspired by him and came to the scene later.


Eve Howard, co-founder of Shadowlane and one of the first spanking sites on the internet, has publicly stated that without Ed Lee there never would have been a Shadowlane. She worked with Ed before Shadowlane and even met her husband Tony Elka through a personal ad in a Nu-West magazine. It was Ed Lee who personally handed Tony's letter to Eve himself! He also encouraged Eve to start writing novels and produce her own spanking videos.


To read more about Eve's experiences with Ed Lee, visit Shadowlane and look for the link: Eve Howard remembers Ed Lee of Nu-West/Leda. Due to the format of their site, it doesn't feel right to link directly to the article.




Another veteran of the spanking community inspired by Lee is Michael Masterson, who started the Realspankings series of websites. In a blog posting from several years ago, Michael says Ed Lee was his mentor and further:



"It was his style of making spanking videos that I decided I wanted to emulate."



"There is no doubt that the model for the type of scenes I wanted to produce for was based on the movies from Nu-West.  There is also no doubt that the foundation for Women-Spanking-Men was based on his collection of LEDA titles."



With Lee's success came some unwanted attention. His pictures and videos became the hottest spanking material on the internet for pirates, which could be looked at by some as a compliment, but Lee went after them with a vengeance. He hired lawyers and had sites shut down, others were sued and in some cases were criminally charged by the authorities. Much of this he did himself, but later hired a company that specialized in tracking down and prosecuting websites and individuals that steal or share copyrighted material.



Ed Lee officially retired November 1, 2012 and a few short months later on January 6, 2013 he passed away at age 74.





R.I.P Ed. You will be missed and remembered by many.



The Editor