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Wondering about a pay site before you join? The Editor dives head first into the sea of spanking web pages and gives an honest review of each one he comes across. Do they deliver what they promise?


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By The Editor

This is a new section to let everyone know of any recent updates, featured stories, or if I ever want to share an interesting link, photos and stuff like that.

Newest updates will be listed at the top.



2013 Updates


March 16, 2013

Fiction-jake's Dilemma (Spanking Story)


February 18, 2013

Music-3 Spanking Music Videos added

February 17, 2013

New Section-Spanking Music Videos


February 15, 2013

Feature- R.I.P Ed Lee (1935-2013)


February 10, 2013

Review- Real Spankings (Updated)


February 03, 2013
Feature-Joining A Spanking Paysite
Important things you need to know

New Section-Birthday Spankings & Pranks

January 29, 2013

Classifieds- Paddles, Canes, Straps

January 27, 2013
Feature- Origins of a Spanking Fetish

January 24, 2013
New post on The Spanking News Blog: Spanking Machines

January 21, 2013

Feature- Top 10 Ways to Spank a Brat!

January 13, 2013

News- Police Chief Spanks Bank Teller

News- Boss Spanked Employees for mistakes


January 01, 2013

News- The Spanking News starts a Spanking Blog!




Previous Updates..


Featured Article



spanking the woman you love

Spanking the woman you love

So how does a single guy (or girl) find a partner for a long term relationship that includes spanking? Where are all these people hiding?


I'll let you in on a little secret. They are not hiding. The fact is they are all around you and have always been!


How to find them will be the focus of this article.


Read the article here





Spanking Website Reviews



My Spanking Roommate

My Spanking Roommate

Here is another one of Clare Fonda's offerings that started back in 2008 called, My Spanking Roommate.

Now I'll be honest, years ago when I first started seeing other websites pop up under Clare Fonda's name, my first thought was that these are probably just spin-offs of her popular Spanked Sweeties site.


I figured they most likely will feature all the same women, filmed in the same house and same rooms, with just another name stamped on the front page. Right? Actually, I couldn't have been more wrong.



Read the review here




Spanking Play

Here's something I found on one of my drives that I must have saved years ago. It will make you say WTF but I thought some of you would enjoy.

You can watch the whole play on my Dailymotion channel if your interested. Below is just the spanking part.

Spanking Play edit by spankingnews




Spanking Website Reviews


Dallas Spanks Hard


Review Update

I had a review of Dallas Spanks Hard up forever and thought it was long over-due for at least an update.


But since so much has changed since I first reviewed it back in 2004 (how time flies), I figured it was definitely time for a complete new review, so here it is.





Read the review here





Newspaper Ad


It's funny to think this was actually in a newspaper many years ago.


Wife Spanking





Spanking Machine


The quest to make the perfect Spanking Machine continues..


Spanking Machine




Getting Down and Dirty


I guess she didn't listen to the warning of, "If you don't stop misbehaving I will spank you in front of all these people!"

In public