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The Origins of a Spanking Fetish

It's a part of me I will never let go

The origins of a spanking fetish

January 26, 2013
By The Editor
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To spank a woman's ass is better than fucking her.

It's making love to her while observing the effects..

Jean-Pierre Enard

Sometimes I stop and wonder to myself: How did I get to be the way I am? Which life changing moment was responsible for my love of the female bottom, and the need to put it over my knee and give it a good spanking. Was it the school teacher I had in the third grade? A spanking scene I happened to catch on TV? Maybe it was the time I fell off my bicycle and hit my head.


I don't think the answer is that simple.


I've spent countless hours researching the subject, and pouring over my past memories trying to pinpoint exactly when this all began.


I believe a fetish comes from a variety of different sources, and I also think my spanking drawingssome people are more likely to develop a fetish than others. The same way some are more prone to alcoholism, obesity or the love of fine wine.


I used to assume, wrongly so, that a person who enjoys spanking was probably spanked as a kid, and that's obviously where they picked it up. I've even read articles from some so-called experts that said you shouldn't spank a child because of the strong chance they may develop a fetish.


They go on about how the buttocks area are erogenous zones, and that by spanking you are drawing blood to the surface, which passes by the genitals thus causing some sort of pleasure, etc, etc.


The problem with this theory is that over the years I've spoken with many people who were never spanked at all, yet still have a spanking fetish. How is this possible? When I asked a few experts this question they quickly backtracked and said, "Other factors could also play a role".


What are the other factors?


I think every person is unique and no single event, or groups of events for that matter, will bring about a fetish unless a whole bunch of other things are also present.


My intense interest in spanking started between 8 and 9 years old, but I would say it's actual origin would have been years earlier. I had a friend who was spanked by his mother on a regular basis, and I can remember grilling him for all the details. How did she do it? What was it like? Where? How?


I discovered he was spanked by his mother, bare bottom over the knee. Most of the time she would use her hand, sometimes the back of the hairbrush, and for very serious matters, the belt.



I was fascinated and found myself wishing I was him.



I was fascinated by this and found myself wishing I was him. I would dream up situations in my head where we would both be at his home and his mother would spank each of us for some misdeed.The dreams didn't turn to reality however, although I do remember one time when she threatened to spank me.


I never found myself wishing to be spanked by my parents, that just seemed my spanking artreally weird. Nor did I wish to be spanked by another male. It had to be from a female, and in private. In private was important because I had seen other children spanked at school in front of the whole class, myself included, and that was something I did not want.


Although I was mesmerized seeing others spanked by the teacher, especially girls, the whole act seemed very humiliating to those on the receiving end. In that case I was not wishing to be them.


It seemed like every teacher spanked in one way or another, from grade one all the way up to grade six. One teacher in particular stood out in my memory, and I think it's possible she had a thing for spanking as well.


We called her Miss Kelly.


She was a young attractive woman who was in her early twenties. In general she was a nice woman from what I remember, but she would spank a kid at the drop of a hat.


Miss Kelly's routine was always the same. She would take her old wooden chair from behind her desk, and place it in front of the class dead center so everyone could see the events about to unfold. Sort of like theatre. The guilty one was called up to her and spanked over her knee with her hand. By the end of that school year she had probably spanked every single kid in that fashion, with a handful being spanked multiple times.


Some might say my time spent in this woman's classroom was probably what gave me this fetish, but I had these feelings way before. It actually goes so far back I don't remember the exact time it happened.


As I grew older and entered puberty, my thoughts of being spanked changed to wanting to spank a girl, or at least being a witness to the event. And around that time I quickly became a fan of a girl's posterior.





..a beautiful ass will leave me breathless, often the image will stay etched in my mind for the rest of the day.





Some say there are two types of men:

1.Those who love a woman's breasts.

2.Those who love a woman's bottom.


It's safe to say I turned into number 2. Even to this day, although I find a nice set of tits are nice to see, a beautiful ass will leave me breathless, often the image will stay etched in my mind for the rest of the day.


When I entered high school the urges became much stronger. Not helped by the fact that during the early eighties, tight jeans were in fashion for girls. And when I say tight, I mean some girls actually had to use two pairs if pliers to pull their jeans up! This left little to the imagination as it was like looking at a girl's naked bottom that had been painted blue.


They were tough years for me though. I was so painfully shy I didn't have a my spanking artgirlfriend, so my dreams of spanking had to stay dreams.


Since I couldn't act on my urges and had no one to talk to about this subject, I secretly began drawing, writing stories and tried to find anything I could on the subject: Movies, books.. I would even scan the newspapers, reading the Dear Abby column because she would sometimes answer questions about spanking.


Some of my later drawings are included in this article. With no access to spanking images during my youth, I had no choice but to create my own.


Believe it or not I didn't even know there was spanking porn around at this point, and only discovered it in my mid to late teens. It gave me a little solace to learn there were other people out there like me, since up to this point I felt spanking was something only I had an interest in.


Fast forward to the dawn of the internet and it was like I had walked through a door and entered a brand new world that I never knew existed. The first day I had the internet I stayed up all night and finally went to bed at 10 am the next morning.


I could have searched for anything, but of course my focus was on spanking. I still remember how dreadfully slow the internet was in the early days, with it taking 15-30 minutes just to look at a single image. I didn't care. More web sites started to pop up and I discovered my first chat room. Finally I could talk to other people like myself, and no longer felt so alone.


I quickly surmised that the number of people who enjoy spanking like myself did not range in the hundreds, or thousands. We are a group of millions!




So what started my spanking fetish? I've given up trying to find the answer. The main thing is I am happy being me, which wasn't the case before. What once felt like a curse I am now at peace with. I consider myself lucky and fortunate to enjoy this little piece of heaven, and will continue doing so until the end of my days.


The Editor