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Spanking the woman you love
Finding the right spanking partner.. and keeping her!

Spanking the woman you love

August 22, 2012
By The Editor
The Spanking News©

Many moons ago when The Spanking News was enjoying it's first year of existence back in 2003, I can remember receiving lots of interesting emails from readers about all sorts of topics. Many would ask advice about which spanking paysite I would recommend, others would ask more obscure questions about spanking in professional wrestling, or the title of a mainstream movie that had a spanking scene in it.


Then there were the ones who would say they were having trouble meeting  Finding a woman to spankthat special spanking someone, and asked where to find such people. Surely there must be some website where they all hang out, or a spanking personals site full of women just waiting for men to take them home and put them over their knee.


If you are simply looking for someone to spank, or be spanked yourself for that matter, there are personal sites that do exist, but if you are actually trying to find a woman for a long term relationship on one of these sites, you really need a lot of luck and patience.


The problem is most women don't place personal ads looking for a spanking partner, and if you do happen to find one that does, you will be in competition with at least 50 other men for that same woman. It's certainly an avenue to try however, but I wouldn't place all your hope in such places and then give up if you don't succeed, resolved to living your life as a vanilla. There is hope!



What about spanking parties? Shadowlane has one every year in Vegas, and there are smaller parties and get-togethers in many other major cities throughout the world. But what if there isn't one in your area, or you go to one only to find mostly couples, or you don't click with any of the single ladies. Do you sit and wait for the next party the following year? There has to be a better way.


So how does a single guy (or girl) find a partner for a long term relationship that includes spanking? Where are all these people hiding?


I'll let you in on a little secret. They are not hiding. The fact is they are all around you and have always been!


How to find them will be the focus of this article.



First let me tell you a little about myself. I have had a fascination with spanking for as long as I can remember. Long before puberty and long before I would have ever considered it something even remotely sexual. I never knew why I had these feelings and desires, and I grew up like many of you did, feeling there was something wrong with me or worse, feeling I was alone and possibly the only person on this planet that had this fetish.. although back then I had no idea what a fetish was.


It wasn't until I was in my early teens when I came across an adult book called, Forum published by the world famous Penthouse magazine, that I began to realized there were others out there like me. Although it was a little comforting to know I was not the only one with these desires, I still felt just as alone knowing there was no one I could talk to regarding this subject without the risk of mockery or someone thinking I was bat-shit crazy.


As I started to become attracted to the opposite sex, my eyes would always Finding the right spanking partnerfocus on her derriere. I considered it then as I do now, the most beautiful site to behold in the world. Not just the most beautiful body part, the most beautiful, period. I mean out of everything on this earth!


This is not to say I don't appreciate a woman's personality. In fact, personality is the most important thing to me when looking for a partner. If I don't like a woman's personality, she transforms into a witch before my very eyes. And if I love her personality, she transforms into a super model.


So why am I telling you all this? To make it clear that I don't just have a slight interest in spanking. It's part of my life and will always be. This is not a phase or something that could be "cured" with any amount of therapy. It's who I am. And I am happy with who am am.


Needless to say when it comes to relationships, spanking is the one thing I must have. Without it I could never be truly happy. And why would I or anyone want to be in a relationship and not be happy.


Now some of you might be saying, "But how do you find a mate that enjoys spanking when studies have suggested that only a very small percentage of the population enjoy it? "


Take those studies, surveys and polls and throw them in the garbage! Here's why. Most people probably haven't even tried it. So if someone is asked in a study or survey if they enjoy being spanked, and they have never tried it, they probably are not going to be putting an X in that box.


And on top of that, some might have had a bad experience or unpleasant memories of spanking from when they were a child. This does not automatically disqualify a person from being a potential partner, and I will give a few examples.


When I was a kid I hated vegetables. One of the only vegetables I liked as a kid were potatoes and that was pretty much it. So if I would have been asked in a survey which vegetables I liked, the list would have been very short. But now as an adult I like a very wide variety. Even vegetables that used to make me want to throw up, like onions, I now enjoy. The point I am trying to make is that our tastes change, and something that we might not have liked or even hated in the past, we now love today, or at least find tolerable. The same applies to spanking.




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A quick note:

I posted this article on my blog in case anyone wants to comment, as I don't have the ability to have comments on this site. Click here to go there.