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Spanking the woman you love
Finding the right spanking partner.. and keeping her

Spanking the woman you love

August 22, 2012
By The Editor
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If presented properly to an adult it could turn into an enjoyable experience.


So please don't think that when you go out looking for a spanking partner your chances will be very low in finding one, because they are not. If you believe ahead of time that you will fail, you will. This is very important.


Let's move along and talk about how to meet, and most importantly how to keep that special spanking someone.


Now for this article I won't go into the basics of dating and meeting people because I'm sure many of you are probably better at this then me. If not there are plenty of websites that cover this topic and can offer lots of tips. I will say however that if you have recently found yourself single, give yourself some time before jumping back on the dating bandwagon. You won't be in the right state of mind to be making important emotional decisions.

OK so let's say you are in the dating stage right now. Is there a specific Spanking the woman you lovepersonality trait to look for in a spanking partner?

In my opinion YES!

Before i go on, I just want to give a little history of the girls I have gone out with in the past. Out of the ten serious relationships I have had (lasting over a year), every single one of them were cool with spanking.

Sure it could be a coincidence, but I think choosing the right personality plays a huge role.




Here are a few examples of what to look for in a spanking partner:


She likes to have fun

Likes to try new and interesting things

Likes to laugh


Easy going

A fan of comedies

Very open with communication

Doesn't take herself too seriously

Has no problems expressing her feelings

Is comfortable with herself and her body


These are all "yes" signals when it comes to spanking. I am not saying that if you meet someone with one or all of these traits you are guaranteed the perfect spanking partner, but your chances are greatly improved in my opinion.




Now here are some things that might not be good signs


She is the serious type

Rarely laughs

Not very sociable

Not a fan of comedies

Not spontaneous, has to plan everything in advance

Not open to trying new things

Close minded

Doesn't openly communicate


Now again, having some of these traits does not mean there will be no spanking in this relationship, but they are negative signs and something to be aware of. Don't write these people off just yet though, because there are still a few simple tests you can do, that we will talk about later, that will let us know if there is spanking future with this person.



So let's say you've met someone and have been going out a number of times, Spanking the woman you loveand you can feel this is going to turn into a relationship. When do you bring up spanking? Well, if spanking is something you must have in a relationship, now would be a good time.


You don't want to get heavily involved with a person and be going out for months, and then find out there is no possibility of it working out. That isn't fair for either of you.


This may sound harsh to some, but think about it for a second. Many people do the same thing when in comes to being attracted to a person. You either are or your not, and it's not something you can fake. Some will swear up and down they don't judge a person on looks or other qualities, but most do.


For example a woman might like only tall men, or a dark complexion. Others might only like guys with a certain personality; like those who are funny, or the strong silent type. Whatever it may be, it is impossible to force yourself to like someone or be liked. You either fit what they are looking for in a partner or you don't. Life is too short to spend it in relationships where you are not happy.


Finding out if a person might be open to spanking is tricky and should be approached with caution, but always try to use your best judgment. The main thing is to never make her feel uncomfortable, because that's where you will run into trouble. Now if she is very open and already talking about sexual subjects with you then by all means bring up the topic of spanking and see where it goes. However for most people this will probably not be the case, and you should test her in the most innocent ways possible.


A few ways to test is by bringing the subject up in normal conversation without making it obvious you are talking about something sexual. It's important that you be careful here and not just blurt out something like, "So.. have you ever thought about getting spanked?". This could have a very negative effect if it appears you are asking sexual questions early in the relationship, or before the relationship has even begun. It would be like asking if she likes to give blowjobs. She might just stand up and leave!


Instead, try to bring up the subject in a more indirect way or better yet, by letting her start the conversation. That way the heat is kind of taken off you in case something goes wrong. For example, girls will do naughty things from time to time, like swearing, gossiping, not picking up after herself, etc. The next time she does one of these acts, in a joking-serious tone say something like, "I can't believe you just did that. You need a good spanking!", and make sure you look at her while saying this!  Look at her reaction, and watch carefully because many times it happens in a micro second. Did her expression change? Did she smile? A look of excitement? Shocked? Angry?


It is that initial reaction that might give you an idea if spanking is in your future with this person. If she gives you a genuine angry look, or reacts angrily by saying something like, "If a guy ever did that to me I would break his arm", this is obviously not a good sign.



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