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Spanking the woman you love
Finding the right spanking partner.. and keeping her

Spanking the woman you love

August 22, 2012
By The Editor
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(Contiued from page 3)

Spanking the woman you love


The same applies to positions. Don't put a woman in a humiliating position at the very beginning. Some may be cool with it, but it's better to simply put her over your lap while in bed the first couple times compared to getting out a chair and placing her over your knee.


Making a big production out of things could make her nervous and uncomfortable, which we don't want to do. 

See how things go first, and later when she is ready you can suggest other ideas.












Now is a good time to sum up a few do's and dont's when it comes to giving your partner their first spanking.





Make sure she is comfortable

Use your hand

Spank light

Spank slow

Listen to her

Be patient





Use an implement

Spank too hard

Spank too fast

Be impatient

Put her in an embarrassing position





Assuming all has gone well up to this point, for future sessions you can begin toSpanking the woman you love experiment by spanking her a little harder and longer then before, and possibly trying new positions.. this of course is all under the conditon that she is cool with it.


Don't try to talk her into something that she doesn't seem ready to try.


Some women enjoy roleplay. If this is the case, the possibilities have greatly expanded.


Explore roles such as the naughty secretary and the boss, or school girl and teacher, slave and master, you get the idea.


While a woman is in a role she is usually more open to try new things, and she will be having fun at the same time.





I'm sure many of you will be thinking that I have been way too cautous for this guide, and even some who have had succesful spanking relationships will say they didn't have to take things as slow with their partner.


This may be true but I have always found it best to err on the side of caution, then to take things too fast and ruin it, then sit back and complain that there are no women out there that like to be spanked.


This guide is not some magical way to turn every woman you meet into a spanko, but more of a way to have the average woman at least be willing to participate.


Look at it the same as riding a bike. If someone hasn't riden a bike before, you don't bring them to the steepest hill and then push them down it. They will probably crash and the next time you mention learning how to ride a bike again, they will probably not be interested for some strange reason.


On the flip side, by just mentioning the word spanking to your new girlfriend sheSpanking the woman you love might throw herself over your knee and say how she has been a very naughty girl!


If things move a lot faster then what I have described in this guide, then by all means, go with the flow.


But if they don't or she seems a little hesitant, it's always best to take your time and not rush things. If by playing it safe equals years of a happy spanking relationship, isn't it worth it?



The main thing to keep in mind is that it's not impossible to find a partner that you can enjoy spanking with, and you don't have to go looking under every rock to find her. She may already be right before your eyes.



The Editor


A quick note:

I posted this article on my blog in case anyone wants to comment, as I don't have the ability to have comments on this site. Click here to go there.


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