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Wondering about a pay site before you join? The Editor dives head first into the sea of spanking web pages and gives an honest review of each one he comes across. Do they deliver what they promise?


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Joining a Spanking Paysite
Important things you need to know




February 03, 2013
By The Editor
The Spanking News©

I thought it was time to revisit this subject, as my last article about joining spanking paysites dates back about 8 years ago, and a lot has changed since then.


Now some of you who are no stranger to joining these types of sites will probably find this guide a little boring and obvious, but you might still pick up a few useful tips, so feel free to read along as well.




I love spanking, and I love watching spanking videos. Pictures are nice too, but videos and movies have long been a favorite of mine. To me it's like the next best thing to being there.


To watch spanking videos safely on the internet you mainly have three choices:


1.Watch low quality promotion clips and some amateur videos for free.

2.Join a paysite and watch hundreds of high quality HD videos for a price.

3.Buy clips or movies individually.


I'm sure most people have been to free sites (like mine) and tube sites that Joining a Spanking Paysitehave spanking videos. Most of the time the videos are very short promotion clips from various producers, or amateur clips made by normal everyday people like you and me.


While these videos might be OK for the casual viewer, you will eventually find yourself wanting more and more. More of that one model you liked seeing spanked, more from a certain producer because you like their style, and you will probably want a better quality picture too.


That's where spanking paysites come in.


They allow you to watch great quality video clips or movies for a price.


Some give you access to a whole bunch of videos for a monthly fee, while others sell video clips or whole movies individually.


Slightly before I wrote the last article 8 years ago, I ran one of my little polls beforehand and I asked readers if they had ever joined a paysite before, and if the answer was no, why not?


The answers were really surprising, and I realized there were a lot of misconceptions out there that needed clearing up. So before we move on lets talk about some common myths associated with paysites..





Spanking Paysite Myths and Facts




I don't want to join a paysite because the name of the spanking site will appear on my credit card bill.



The name of the spanking site does not appear on your bill. The only thing that appears on your bill is the name of the credit card processor and a discrete company name.




Once you join a paysite it is impossible or very difficult to cancel.


It is very easy to cancel. Simply go to the link provided in the confirmation email you will receive, or go to the website directly. (see links below)




There has to be some catch. How can a site offer hundreds of video clips for only $20-$30 a month? They must make you pay extra for some stuff once you are inside.



Nope, no catch. If a site promises you hundreds of videos, that's exactly what you will get. Word would get around fast if they cheated people. I have visited every site listed in my links column on the right. They are all 100% legit.



They will spam my inbox with garbage.



They will send you a confirmation email. This is standard whenever you purchase something with a credit card.






Lets expand on a few points just to make sure there are no misunderstandings.





bill example


What appears on your credit card bill:


The name of the spanking site will never appear on your bill. In fact if you want to see exactly what will show up on your bill, go to the sign up page of the website you are interested in, and look for a statement like I have circled in the picture to the right.


I'm using Real Spankings as an example here, but other sites will have something simular. The credit card processors realize you value your privacy, and will always bill you discretely.





How easy is it to cancel?

Very easy. To cancel a membership simply go to the link provided in the confirmation email you will receive or go to the website directly.


For reference, below are links to cancel for the main credit card processors that all spanking sites use.



CCBill Click the big red button that says, "Cancel Subscription"

Inet-cash Click the big blue button that says, "Cancel Your Membership"

Verotel Click the big red button that says, "Cancel your recurring subscription"


It's really that simple.



Is there a catch? Do I have to pay any more once inside?

No catch.

Some sites might sell dvd movies and other merchandise, and of course these must be purchased separately. The same applies if they have multiple sites. Obviously you only gain access to the one you signed up for unless you purchase a multi-site deal.


Will they spam my inbox?

No, but I still think it's a good idea to create a second email account for stuff like this since they do have to send you a confirmation email, and another one when you either cancel or let your membership renew. It's also handy to have a separate email if you join a lot of message boards, personal sites, or comment at news sites, etc. My favorite is Gmail. You can sign up for a gmail account here.





So now that we have the myths out of the way, lets go over some of the terminology you will see when joining a spanking pay site. A common phrase on sign-up pages is, recurring and (rarely used) non-recurring.



Recurring means you will be charged every month until you cancel, while non-recurring means you will be charged once. The non-recurring option seems to be rare now a days, but you may still see it at some sites.


If you only wish to join a site for only a month, don't worry! As long as you cancel within 30 days you will not be charged for the following month. You also don't have to wait until the last day to cancel. For example if you join a site and then a week later you decide to cancel, you won't be locked out of the site. You will still be able to access it until the full 30 days have expired.



Length of membership. How long should I choose?

This is completely up to you of course, but here are a few things to consider. In general you will get a much better deal if you sign up for a longer period of time. In the case of the Real Spankings example I used above, you actually get 3 months access for the price of two. Unfortunately however, this is a decision you have to make when you initially join the site, not after.


In general what I recommend would be this: If you have never joined a spanking site before, or if you haven't joined a particular site before (or it's been a few years), seriously give the 3 month option some thought. If the site has what you are looking for and has rave reviews, you will probably be kicking yourself later for only signing up for one month. I know I've made this mistake.. more then once!


example 2

I've included one more picture to explain these last few points. Oh, and remember to choose a good password!


Don't pick something stupid like "password" or 12345 or your dog's name. It should have numbers and letters and be at least 10 characters long.




 A Few General Warnings

This applies to everyone and not just those looking for spanking videos.

In your travels you may come across shady websites that look like they have free spanking videos from some or all the major producers. Stay away!


Think about it logically for a second. Why would a site knowingly break the law, pay enormous bandwidth costs in the range of thousands of dollars per month, just so they can show you free videos that you know you should be paying for. Are they doing this out of the goodness of their heart? Some rich guy with money to burn? Don't count on it! It is usually some kind of trap.

At the very least these sites could infect your computer with what is known as malware, which can do anything from sending you annoying pop-up advertisements, to stealing your banking info and passwords, or even hijacking your computer without you knowing and using it to host child porn. This is no joke. Read about the dangers of Malware here.

The newest threat making the rounds is something called Ransomware. Ransomware will actually lock down your computer, and send you a message that will look like it is coming from the police or government in your area. In some cases they even gain access to your web camera.


They will tell you that you have broken the law by downloading illegal videos or files and demand you pay a "fine" (often hundreds of dollars) to unlock your computer. Don't pay! They will almost never will unlock your computer anyway. Unless you are very experienced, you will need to take your computer to a professional to have this virus removed.

If you think I'm making this up, please read the following news stories:

The New York Times: Ransomware is expanding in the United States

CBC NEWS: Hackers target porn site users with 'ransomware'

PCMAG: Watch Porn Online? Beware Ransomware

NBC News: Latest 'Ransomware' attacks are scarily sophisticated

So please be careful out there and only visit well established websites that you trust. All of the links to Spanking Pages listed on my site are safe. You will only run into trouble when you go looking for stuff you know you should be paying for. Honestly, it's not worth the risk when you can simply join a site for $20-$30 a month.



Anyway, I hope this quick guide answers at least some of the concerns you might have about joining a paysite. Be sure to check out my review page to help you decide which sites have the content you are looking for.



The Editor