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Top 10 Ways to Spank a Brat
Sometimes it must be done. Here's how!

January 20, 2013
By The Editor
The Spanking News©

So your lady has been acting up recently and you know a swift punishment is definitely in order. Due to the nature of her crimes, you have decided that a good old fashioned spanking will be necessary and shall be carried out immediately.


You've had a long, hard day at work and your brains are a little bit frazzled. How should you spank her? And with what?


Hmm.. decisions, decisions!


Well fear not, because this week's feature article is titled..


Top 10 Ways To spank




Let's get started..



Number 1





Ah yes, old faithful. The OTK spanking has been around for hundreds, if not thousands of years. It can be done any time or any place when the need arises, and has proven to be very effective at curbing bratty behavior or willful acts of disobedience.


Simply sit in the nearest chair, sofa, edge of the bed, park bench or even prop up one knee like shown in the picture below. Bare her bottom and spank briskly until the desired color is achieved or you truly believe she is remorseful for her actions.


over the knee spanking outdoors

An over the knee spanking is effective not simply because of the pain, but for the humiliation aspect as well. In a recent poll conducted by The Spanking News with a total of 552 votes (as of this writing), a whopping 59% said the over the knee spanking was the most humiliating.


That's more then double the next most popular choice of bending over, grabbing ankles with 26% of the votes.



Sometimes simply saying the phrase "I'll put you over my knee" will make even the toughest of girls blush at the thought of it. They can grit their teeth through the pain, but have no choice but to endure the humiliation.


But what if you think your brat needs a little more persuading than a simple hand spanking can provide?




number 2



The Hairbrush



The hairbrush is generally used in place of the hand for an over the knee spanking, although other positions can be adopted for it's use.


It was most likely first used by frustrated mothers who thought more than the hairbrush spankinghand was needed for a particular situation, or the fact many women did not possess the same strength as a man, and this was a way of leveling the playing field.


Not only did it level the playing field, often times it would tip the scales in it's favor. Many would testify that a spanking from mom with her hairbrush was far worse then a spanking from dad with his hand.


This lends to fact that the hairbrush produces a very pinpointed area of pain compared to the more widely dispersed area of the hand. Most older hairbrushes were made of wood and either oval or rectangle shaped, so the flat back surface would act like a small paddle.


Today the hairbrush comes in many shapes and sizes and is used for discipline by both men and women. With moderate use expect some bruising.





number 3



The Wooden Spoon



If your a guy that doesn't own a hairbrush because you think they're for sissies, or perhaps you don't have hair, fear not. The next best thing to a hairbrush is a wooden spoon. Now a cheap dollar store wooden spoon will lack the same impact as a hairbrush, but the larger ones (as shown in the picture below) will have equal or even greater persuasion abilities.


That's because we are now talking about an even more pinpointed area of painWooden Spoon compared to the flat paddle like surface of a brush. The area of the back of a wooden spoon is usually no more than a couple of square inches, and if it's the type that is curved, the area shrinks even less than that. So what a spoon lacks in weight, it makes up for with pain!


The wooden spoon's history as a disciplinary tool is another invention from a mother. The ease of access while in the kitchen surely made it a popular choice compared to other items that would take time to get.


A spoon spanking was usually given as a quick punishment, and would be used over the knee or even while standing being pulled up by the ear, or with the naughty one quickly bent over a table or stool.


Feel free to try out a bunch of different positions with this one. Given on the bare bottom moderately, some bruising is possible.





number 4



The Slipper



With it's roots firmly planted in the UK, the slipper was a very common tool of discipline at home and in school. In some schools it was even used in place of the cane. No we are not talking about your wife's fuzzy rabbit slippers, but more of a plimsoll often made of, rubber or synthetic material. The flat, flexible sole acts like small leather paddle and can be administered in a number of different positions.The slipper


In a domestic setting, the slipper could be more of a traditional men's house slipper, like shown in the picture.


Basically any type of footwear with a flat sole or even a flip-flop can be used for this style of punishment.


Although it is very effective over clothing, which was the case when it was once used in schools, it can be excruciating on the bare bottom.


The pain is very distinctive and can not really be compared to any other instrument, except perhaps some sort of small leather paddle. Depending on it's use (and type of footwear used), bruising is minimal with light footwear unless the punishment is on the bare with great force, or for an extended period of time. When using a traditional plimsoll expect light to moderate bruising.





number 5



The Switch



The switch is most popular in the United States, especially in the southern states, and is still used in limited form today. A switch is basically a thin whippy type branch with the twigs and leaves removed. Due to it's light weight it is best applied to the bare bottom as it would only minorly be felt over jeans or skirt.


It is common practice to send the one to be punished outside to cut a fresh The switchswitch, along with a promise that if they return with one not suitable they will receive a harsher punishment. Switches should only be used one time when they are freshly cut, and not kept in the house until needed since they will dry out, become brittle and lose the whip like effect.


Short switches can be used over the knee, while longer ones are best applied while in a standing or bent over position. Since a switch is so light and thin, it can be extremely painful as the tip travels at a fast rate of speed much like a whip. It also has a whip like sound when it is swished in the air.


A proper switching will leave thin red weals on the bottom that can last for several hours to several days.





number 6



The Belt



The belt has been used on bottoms for as long as it has been used to hold up pants. For some, the simple action of someone removing a belt from the loops of their pants sends shivers down their spine, especially when they know they will soon be receiving it.


In many households, the belt would be the step up punishment from a simplethe belt hand spanking or even the hairbrush. It can be used either folded in half or full length with the buckle held in the hand. The buckle end should never be used to strike under any circumstances.


Various positions can be used for the belt, probably the most compared to any other instrument. These include: Over the knee, bent over grabbing ankles, bent over a chair or table, lying face down on a bed, diaper position (on back with legs held up), and many others.


As with most spankings it is best applied to the bare bottom, but even over jeans or a skirt it will have a very stinging effect.


A moderate application of the belt on the bare bottom will leave some bruising or marks lasting for several hours to several days.





number 7



The Paddle



Although it's origin probably began many years ago in some far and distant land, in recent times the paddle has been a fixture in the United States, much like the cane once was in Great Britain. Still used today in some states, the paddle was once applied across the nation as a method of corporal punishment within the school system.


The paddle comes in many shapes and sizes. They can range from the size ofgirl paddled  a hairbrush to several feet in length. Smaller paddles, such as a table tennis bat (ping pong paddle) can be used for an over the knee spanking, while the larger ones are reserved for a standing bent over position such as grabbing the ankles, or bent over a chair.


Paddles can be used either on the bare bottom or fully clothed. When used as a form of corporal punishment in schools, the student would always be fully clothed. In a fraternity or sorority some reports have stated the paddle was sometimes applied to the bare bottom.


Due to it's size and weight, the paddle is very painful even when applied over clothes and bruising is very common even with light use. Moderate or heavy use can result in severe bruising.





number 8



The Birch Rod



The birch rod, usually simply called "the birch" is not actually a rod but a bunch of twigs with the leaves removed that are bound together. Although it might not sound very threatening, the birch was not only an old school punishment, it was also widely used in prisons and punishment for people convicted of crimes.


In fact the scary cat o' nine tails was often preferred by inmates over the birchthe birch in some prisons. Much like the switch, the birch should be applied to the bare bottom.


However the pain associated with the birch far exceed that of the switch as there are many twigs bound together instead of just one.


In the old days the prisoner would be tied to a device before the punishment was administered, and in a school setting the youth would kneel over a box or specially designed step and usually held down by others.


A short birch can be used over the knee while longer ones should be used with the person in a bent over position. Marks from a moderate birching can last several days.





number 9



The Strap




Not to be confused with the belt, in this case we are talking about a prison strap or razor strop. As the name suggests this isn't the same strap your father might have taken to your behind on occasion, this is a strap that was used in prisons for serious misdeeds.


prison strap

The prison strap is 15 inches long and 3 inches wide, it is attached to a handle that is 12 inches long. Needless to say you would not use a prison strap over the knee.


When in use, the prisoners would be secured to a device sometimes referred to as "the machine", but for domestic use the best position would probably be face down on a bed (perhaps with a pillow underneath) or bent over a table.


As would be expected this is a severe punishment, and not your everyday sassyness. To see the effects of a prison strap visit Spanking Debs Blog.





number 10



The Cane



Once feared by school children across the globe, and still widely used in countries like Singapore and Malaysia as a form of legal corporal punishment or judicial caning. girl caned


The cane was very prominent in Great Britain, much like the paddle in the United States, although it was banned in state schools in the UK in 1986-87 and banned in private schools in 1999.

Non judicial canes range greatly in length and thickness:



Junior cane  - between 17" to 24" long and 7-8mm thick

Medium cane -between 27" to 36" long and 9-10mm thick

Senior cane -between 28" to 38" long and 11-13mm thick


A caning would be considered a severe punishment as it is much harsher than a simple over the knee spanking.


In general a thin cane will be more whippy and will most likely leave a weal on the buttocks with moderate use. A thicker cane will most likely cause bruising under the same conditions.


Marks can last for several hours with light use, days with moderate use, and weeks or possibly longer with heavy use.


Great care and practice should be taken when using the cane.