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Wondering about a pay site before you join? The Editor dives head first into the sea of spanking web pages and gives an honest review of each one he comes across. Do they deliver what they promise?


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What is Flash?



Designed by Macromedia, Flash is a web standard used primary for cool animation, navigation menus, technical illustrations, and full length cartoons. The possibilities are endless. And it didn't take long for some with a spanking interest to develop games and cartoons just for the likes of you and me!

Below you will find links to flash cartoons and games with a spanking theme. I am always on the scour for new ones so check this page often. If you find any funny or even dumb spanking flash cartoons, drop me a line and let me know.







Discipline Domestique has several interesting spanking flash games, but my favorite is the Virtual Spanker (Ver 3.1). Choose how to spank, and at the end you kiss and make up.

Virtual Spanker




Have you ever wanted to spank a pop star? Well here's your chance! Choose from a riding crop, cane or paddle and fire away.
Updated:Working again

Spank Spears




Knickers down? Well of course! Start spanking!
I'm not sure what this site is called, but they have two games
New Link

spanking flash

Probably the safest way to spank your secretary! This is from the UK site for the movie "Secretary". Once you have started the "game", type different letters on your keyboard to spank this naughty little vixen. In case anyone is interested, my favorite letters to use are: E, O and D. Yea I know...I should get out more...
click here to play


How fast can you spank in mph? She makes a nice noise if you can reach a high speed. Spank Da Booty

Spank Da Booty