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Reviewed Spanking Websites

Cutie Spankee
They're just so damn cute!

By The Editor
The Spanking News

Although I have known of the site, Cutie Spankee for some time now, I have never decided to join to check things out until now. I can't honestly tell you why I haven't joined earlier. I can remember stumbling across some photos from the site about a year ago, and probably just thought it was someone else trying to jump on the spanking bandwagon to make a few quick bucks. During the past few months I have seen Cutie Spankee turn up in my travels constantly by seeing a picture here, and a movie clip there and decided maybe I should take a closer look. I moved it to the top of my list of sites I wanted to review. So here we go. The time has come!

The Site

To begin, Cutie Spankee is a site from Japan. And for those of you who know me, know that I have a weakness for pretty asian women. With that out of the way, I found the format of the site to be very interesting and different compared to American pages and sites from Europe. It's obvious the site was not quickly slapped together and a great deal of time went into the development.

After first choosing a language preference (English or Japanese) when you enter, members are brought to a page with the latest updates to the photo or movie sections. From there you can check out the newest stuff or enter the archives by clicking the "Past Galleries" or "Past Movies" link. Since you guys know how much I love movies, we will take a look in there first.

The Movies

The first thing that surprised me was just how neat and tidy everything was. Each movie is divided up into 3 parts, complete with thumbnails, in it's own little section. Nice. But what shocked the hell out of me was that members are actually given a choice between downloading the movies in either Real Player format or Windows Media Player. Well done Cutie Spankee! Why other sites don't do this (other then laziness) is beyond me. Some people hate Real Player with a passion, and it's nice to be finally given a choice to use another player.

As mentioned each movie is divided into 3 parts, and in general are close to 6MB in size (each part), and just under 500 Kbps. So the movies are both clear and in a size that would not be too large for dial-up users. The only thing I would have liked to have seen is a link to download the entire movie in one part. But that is not that big of a deal. Having the movies in windows media format is a good trade-off in my opinion.
Moving on the the content of the movies, I found them to be excellent. A brief plot and on to the action, and the action is very good. What I liked the most was the many different locations they used for the clips. I have to admit, it gets a little boring when a spanking site films in the same 2 or three rooms constantly. The people who run Cutie Spankee don't make this mistake and provide lots of different scenes to keep your interest. They film in several different homes and rooms, and even in what appears to be a genuine school classroom. Not sure how they managed that.. maybe one of the models is a real teacher!

Another thing that I liked about the movies is that in general they incorporate 2 or 3 different punishments. So you usually wont see a girl just get a hand spanking, or just get paddled. You might see a bad girl get spanked over the knee, then paddled, and then caned. I would rather see different punishments compared to watching a girl be spanked for 5 minutes straight. Heck, I can watch a woman being spanked for hours if I just make the video repeat! So if your the type of person that when you see a particular girl you like, and wish they would show her being caned instead of being spanked, or paddled instead of strapped, you will have plenty of material to choose from at Cutie Spankee.

And if I could spend a little more time talking about the movies, I would add that Cutie Spankee is geared towards those who enjoy realistic punishment scenes.. compared to fantasy scenes. For example in most cases a girl is spanked over her skirt or pants, and then her panties are pulled down just below her bottom. Not told to strip completely naked. Sure everyone likes to see spanking just for the sake of seeing it, but it's nice to see some realism come into play as well. In my opinion it is not realistic to see a girl being told by a teacher or authoritative figure to strip naked, yet you see this constantly at other sites.


Not to go too far off topic, but I ran a poll back in October of 2005 and asked readers how they liked to see a woman dressed while being spanked. Out of 2361 people, a whopping 40% said they liked to see the skirt up and panties down, and 21% said they like to see pants and panties pulled down. A total of only 18% said they wanted the girl completely nude. So I'm not crazy thinking more sites should follow Cutie Spankee's lead and not be so quick to have a woman completely nude. Some might think the nudity is a form of humiliation to go along with the spanking, but in many cases it just spoils any sort of realism that might have been there. And some of us like to see clips that look real.. or look like something that could happen in real life.

The Models

Finally moving on to the girls of Cutie Spankee, they are all very cute! Actually everything about them is cute, including their voices. It's very interesting to note how different the Japanese women sound getting spanked compared to American women. On cuteness scale of 1-10, the women of this site score a 10 for their voices. You really need to hear them with your own ears to understand what I am talking about. Some of the girls sound like they could provide the voices for anime cartoons.. I kid you not! But getting back to the models, they are all very beautiful as well as cute and adorable. The spankings they receive are mild to medium in general, with a few harsher ones thrown in here and there. So if you are mostly looking for very severe scenes I would suggest a site like Lupus or Her First Punishment. Cutie Spankee is geared more towards people that want to see a girl's bottom turn red, but not a lot of angry red weals or the spanker striking the girl as hard as they can.

A few other things worth mentioning is that Cutie Spankee is primarily a female spanks female site, so if your reason for joining is to watch men spanking women you will probably be disappointed. Also, since this site (as far as I know) is made in Japan and they must follow the laws of that country, there are no money shots.. or to say it bluntly, there are no shots of the woman's.. um.. you know? OK I'll be a little more blunt.. THEY CAN'T SHOW HER PUSSY! Just thought I would let you know, but to me it's not really that important. Cutie Spankee doesn't hold back in any other area, and in general I was very pleased with the movies. At the time of this review they currently have over 7 and a half hours of video available to download.


The photo section of Cutie Spankee is equally impressive. I usually don't spend a lot of time looking at picture galleries as I am a bigger fan of movies, but this part of the site deserves some attention. The bright colorful costumes are a welcomed change compared the usual jeans and t-shirts found elsewhere. Again you can clearly see the great attention to detail here, and you can tell they put the same amount of effort into the pictures as they do with the video clips. I would even go as far to say the quality of the pictures are better then most other spanking sites out there today.


I originally went in expecting to find an average or quickly thrown together page, but quickly discovered that this was not the case. At roughly $20 per month Cutie Spankee provides great value for your dollar. If you have been to some of the major sites already and are looking for a unique change, you should definitely make Cutie Spankee your next stop. They are just so damn cute!

The Editor

The Spanking News.com