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Reviewed Spanking Links

Firm Hand
Spanking Video Productions

By The Editor

Visit Firm Hand

I found this site one day completely by accident, and as usual I "hemmed and hawed" whether to sign up or not. I'm not sure if it was the teasingly erotic pics of new teen spanking star Rosaleen Young, or the clips from the Catherine Corbett Collection and Military Justice videos. But I did sign up for a membership...and I was glad I did!

First of all, before signing up what impressed me the most was the price. Now, I don't quote prices here because you could be reading this 6 months after it was written, and if there happens to be a price increase I know you will come back here to yell at me! But I will say when I signed up the monthly membership was roughly half of what some of the other big players charge.

Whats inside?
For starters if you haven't guessed, Firm Hand Spanking Video Productions makes spanking movies for sale on video tape (NTSC or PAL). At the time of this writing they currently have 14 different videos available. Members are able to watch several video clips from each of these movies and there are also plently of extra bonus clips for members as well.

Along with the video clips, there are a generous amount of video stills from each title, and "Star Profiles" of some of the many beautiful women who appear in their films. The clips and pictures alone are worth more then your price of admission, but there is still more...a lot more!

They also have a section called "Real Life Spankings" that has true account stories of movie stars, models and athletes who were spanked, as well as other items that have hit the news over the years. However, what really impressed me was the startling amount of detail in each of the stories. Someone went through a lot of time, effort and research here and it pays off. A great addition to an already great site.


But wait there's more!
To put the icing on the cake the site has another section devoted to spanking in the movies. Again, a great effort and although it appears this is a new section, they employ the same diligence as with the Real Life section. A great desciption of the spanking scenes, stills, and some even have video clips included.

Final thoughts
Does this site have as much content as Girls Boarding School or Spanking Online? No...Not yet! But then again they are not charging as much per month either. Firm Hand is the perfect choice for those who might be new to the world of paid membership, and either can't afford or would prefer to start off with a lower fee. Also if you like the valued little extras Firm Hand provides like the "Real Life Spankings" section, and like me and just can't get enough of pretty bare bottoms getting spanked and need a new fix, you won't go wrong here. Definitely recommended!

You can visit: Firm Hand here.




©2003 The Spanking News