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Wondering about a pay site before you join? The Editor dives head first into the sea of spanking web pages and gives an honest review of each one he comes across. Do they deliver what they promise?


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Clare Fonda's
My Spanking Roommate

June 9, 2012
By The Editor
The Spanking News©

Here is another one of Clare Fonda's offerings that started back in 2008 called, My Spanking Roommate. Now I'll be honest, years ago when I first started My Spanking Roommateseeing other websites pop up under Clare Fonda's name, my first thought was that these are probably just spin-offs of her popular Spanked Sweeties site.


I figured they most likely will feature all the same women, filmed in the same house and same rooms, with just another name stamped on the front page. Right? Actually, I couldn't have been more wrong.


My Spanking Roommate is completely new from top to bottom. In fact if you didn't already know you probably would never guess they came from the same producer, because everything is so different in every way possible.


To start, My Spanking Roommate has a completely different theme. It's almost like a TV episode/ reality show type thing which centers around.. you guessed it, girls living together as roommates. It takes place in different locations, different rooms, and although some of the girls are well know models from Clare's and other spanking websites, many are completely new to me. It's filmed differently, acted differently, and there is absolutely no chance you would ever get the two sites mixed up.


So with that out of the way lets take a closer look at My Spanking Roommate.


Click here for a free picture galleryOne thing that jumped out at me right away was the quality. Each and every video, yes I actually watched them all, are excellent quality. From the earliest video to the very last, they are all filmed in high definition.


This can not be said for all other sites you may run across that have been around for a number of years. Many times the earliest videos suffer from either a poor camera, are encoded to a lower resolution, or they are in the crappy real video format. This is not the case here.


It's seems like when My Spanking Roommate was first conceived, someone decided that they would spare no expense and make a top notch, high quality website right from the very beginning using great cameras, great lighting, great women, sets, locations..EVERYTHING.


This is not one of those sites where the majority of the content is filmed in the Spanking videos and picturessame 2 or 3 rooms, or for that matter with the same spanker in the majority of scenes. That's what makes My Spanking Roommate so refreshing, it keeps you guessing.


You don't know who is going to be spanked next, and by whom, where and with what. Did you follow that? Since most of the girls switch roles from spankee to spanker and vise versa, it creates so many more combinations and possibilities.


The Models


All the women are smoking hot, and although there is not a massive list of models compared to other sites ( the current count is about 40), you don't really notice it because of the episode format. Meaning you might see one girl spanked in one episode, and then in a later episode she might be spanking someone else.

My Spanking Roommate is more about quality compared to quantity, and I already have a few favorite ladies; Kay, which seems like one of the main stars, is drop dead gorgeous. And my other favorite is a cute girl named Missy, who has the best "getting spanked voice" I've ever heard.


The Content

At the time of this review there are currently 109 complete episodes on the site. These are broken down into parts with the option to download the full episode in one piece. The times of the episodes vary anywhere between 7 minutes all the way up to 32 minutes, but I would put the average time at around 15 minutes or so.


Click here for a free picture galleryMoving on to implements and positions, I would say the vast majority are over the knee spankings, but they mix it up and create other scenarios like bending over tables, beds, yoga balls (I think that what it's called), and even bending over each other.


Implements include various paddles, the hairbrush, ruler or yardstick, straps and sometimes the cane. However the vast majority would be hand, paddle or hairbrush spankings. I would love to see more of the belt and cane at My Spanking Roommate, and hope we will see more in future episodes.


For severity of the punishments, I would say they vary anywhere from light to medium to hard. Not really venturing into the "very hard" category ( Mood Pictures, Lupus or Dallas Spanks Hard), but hard enough to keep most people satisfied. It would probably look out of place if they went harder then this considering the theme of the site has more of a situation comedy type feel to it, compared to a dark serious theme.


Overall I really liked My Spanking Roommate and would not hesitate in recommending it to those new to joining a spanking paysite, or seasoned veterans for that matter. If you are a fan of girl spanks girl with the occasional guy showing up, this place is definitely a winner. Not for those looking for a webiste that primarily focuses on males spanking females, or lots of caning or other extremely hard spanking videos.


Now since I just recently reviewed one of Clare Fonda's other websites called, Spanked Sweeties, a question I'm sure some of you may have is which one is better or which one would I recommend over the other one. The quick answer is, as stated earlier, they really are quite different and don't really compare to each other, just like the old 'apples and oranges' comparison.


Spanked Sweeties has more models and probably a few more videos, but My Spanking Roommate beats it in terms of quality hands down. And I am not just talking about picture quality, but overall quality of the productions as well.


But I would sum it up like this. The main premise of Spanked Sweeties is seeing girls interviewed and talk about their past experiences getting spanked while growing up, and then these scenes are re-enacted. If this really interests you, I would join Spanked Sweeties. On the other hand if you are just looking for excellent quality spanking videos with beautiful women then I would definitely join My Spanking Roommate instead.


Just don't make the same mistake I did and join both sites separately at the same time! I realized after, that Clare has multi-site deals where you can get 3 sites, 4 sites, or 5 sites in a package deal. So basically for the price of the two sites I paid for, I could have had four. DoH! Until next time..


The Editor


Visit My Spanking Roommate


Clare Fonda Multi-Site Deals (3, 4 and 5 site deals)