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Reviewed Spanking Websites

Real Life Spankings

By The Editor
The Spanking News

Since it has been a while since I've reviewed a spanking site, I thought I would start with one that deserves a real good look next time you are thinking about joining a pay spanking page. As many of you are aware, I have joined almost every spanking membership site known to man. Some websites I join and have rarely returned. Others however, if I like what I see I will rejoin them at a later date to catch up on what I missed with the new updates. For some pages, I might rejoin every year or maybe every 6 months or so if I really like them. I mean there are so many choices out there you could literally join a completely new site every month for well over a year without repeating the same one twice.

However, Real Life Spankings is one of those sites that I have returned to more then once or twice. Actually during the span of a year and a half, I've rejoined 6 times! Yea, so I guess it would be safe to say I like the place.

For those of you who have been around, yet haven't visited Real Life Spankings yet, think of it as a mix between the well known "Girls Boarding School" and popular "Real Spankings" site. The setting is your average home located in Holland, and they occasionally use other homes and even film outdoors sometimes.

The premise is quite simple. A lovely young lady is invited over to the home, and they usually film a quick introduction and interview so we can all get to know the girl. Sometimes they discuss past naughty behavior, and then Mike who is the main character of this site, puts the "never been spanked before" woman over his knee and gives the little darling her first spanking. The first spanking generally starts off light and then intensifies as time goes on.

What I like is that he doesn't tell the poor girl to strip nude, and then get over his knee. He first spanks her over her jeans, or skirt if she is wearing one, and then has her stand and take down her jeans and continues to spank her on her panties. As time goes on the panties are lowered and the rest of the spanking finishes on the bare bottom.

I thought this was a nice change from other sites that waste no time getting the girl naked as quickly as possible, and then move on to the spanking without any delay. The method Mike uses just seems more
realistic, if you can call it that, which was very nice to see.

The Girls
Before we go on, lets talk about the girls for a moment. Ah the girls! I just checked the site now and did a quick count of how many models they have, and I came up with around 40. Now there are some sites that have more, but trust me when I say this, there are some girls at Real Life Spankings that you will never get tired of seeing and will want to see again and again. So in my opinion it doesn't really matter about the quanity if you have quality. And every young lady at Real Life Spankings has her own very unique appeal.

Some of them are your average girl next door type, while others could be professional models. And no, I am not exaggerating! Yet in all honestly it is a pleasure to watch all of them getting spanked. Why? I think it is because Real Life Spankings just seems so.. real. To give you an example I just finished watching a video of a young asian girl of 22 named Lin, getting her first spanking by Mike.

The look on her face was something no actress could have pulled off. The embarassment, the shock, amazement and pain she felt came through crystal clear on video, and you don't feel you are watching an actress being paid to be in that position. Plain and simple, you are there in the same room watching a girl receive her very first spanking. You are hearing her little yelps as each smack lands on her bare bottom, echoing through out the room. And you see the look on her her eyes as she is stood up on her feet after the spanking is over. That is what I am talking about when I say "real".

Now of course the whole site isn't just about a girl's first spanking. Naturally they are bound to mess up again, and Mike is always ready to punish them soundly when this occurs.

I should also point out there are other spankers present on RLS as well. I believe the other chap goes by the name Michael.. not to be confused with Mike, and we get to see him punish his wife or girlfriend named Donna, on a regular basis as well.

There are a few others who make occasional appearances, but for the most part Mike is the star of the show. He doesn't come across like an evil villain, more like just an average nice guy that you wouldn't hesitate to have a beer with.

As far as spanking implements are concerned, on occassion we sometimes see the hairbrush, paddle, strap, cane, and even switches. And speaking of switches, there are some wonderful outdoor scenes as well, where the guilty one has to bend over with her pants down and is switched soundly on her lovely bare bottom. I can't help but wonder what a couple of hikers would think if they came out of the woods and saw this scene. Would probably make some interesting converastion over the water cooler at work the next day.



Although I have already talked about what's on the videos, I just wanted to add a few more things. The quality of the new videos are absolutely stunning. In fact if you compared the new videos to the ones filmed 3 years ago, you would swear they were not from the same site. The older videos were a little dark, small 10-15MB files in crappy real video (rm) format. The new videos however are obviously filmed with an expensive high definition camera in wide screen format, and the size ranges anywhere from 40MB all the way up to a whopping 120MB. Not only has the quality improved, but the lighting and camera work is excellent as well too.

In the past I was not a fan of what I call the "roaming" camera, meaning the camera man would slowly walk around the room while the spanking takes place, but I have to say it works quite well with this site. The editing is also excellent. I have seen other sites try to duplicate this and fail miseribly because the camera is moving too much, it is not smooth, and then they go crazy with the editing pretending they are working on a feature film. What could have been a great spanking video with beautiful models and the perfect set was ruined because of bad camera work followed by equally bad editing.

By bad editing I mean they show two seconds of the bottom, two seconds of the face, 3 seconds of wide angle, two seconds of the camera man obviously standing on a ladder above the scene.. you get the idea. You won't find any of this at Real Life Spankings, and young and old movie producers should take note on how to make a good video. Sometimes doing less is better, and if you don't think you can pull it off, just put the damn camera on a tripod and switch between a couple angles. (rant over)

Oh yea, where was I? Why are you still here? Get over to Real Life Spankings now, you won't be disappointed. Honestly, I can't picture anyone not liking this site. The only people that might not like it are those that only like the cane (which isn't featured heavily), but other then that you can't go wrong.

Definitely Recommended!

The Editor

Visit Real Life Spankings

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