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Wondering about a pay site before you join? The Editor dives head first into the sea of spanking web pages and gives an honest review of each one he comes across. Do they deliver what they promise?


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Real Spankings

February 10, 2013 (updated)
By The Editor
The Spanking News©

For many of you who have been surfing the spanking scene for years, Real Spankings will be no stranger to you. They are one of the longest running spanking paysites out there, originating in 1998 and still going strong today.

I almost feel a little silly writing a review of this site. It's sort of like writing a real spankingsreview for McDonald's.. everyone has been there, so why bother? But just in case some of you have been in jail the past decade, or maybe you just turned legal age to view such material, I dedicate this review to you!


So what is it about Real Spankings that keeps me coming back for more and more? Originality, bad girls, and lots of spankings!


Currently they have over 9500 videos files and over 30,000 high resolution photos. Just for this fact alone I would strongly recommend Real Spankings if you have never joined a paysite before, or if your looking for a site that has lots of content.

These guys literally have tons of it.


Real Spankings doesn't just rely on quantity however, the quality is also there. I will admit there was a time many years ago when I thought the site was becoming a little bit stale. The same people spanking the same girls, in the same room, with the same furniture, and it seems like the girls were always spanked completely nude. The spankings were "Real" but there were no real surprises.


This is no longer the case. The site is using a new studio with way more places to film, even outdoors, and this has obviously sparked some great creativity. The scenes are fresh, and Real Spankings is also quick to fill viewer requests for something very specific. There are a whole bunch of new faces (and bottoms), along with some old favorites making a guest appearance as well. They even have a spanking machine! What more could you ask for?


Despite the new studio and other welcomed changes, there are a few things I'm glad they didn't change: Multiple camera angles and hot beautiful girls.


They have always had a knack at finding just the right sweet spot to film, and real spankingsthen go a step further and shoot from a completely different angle as well.


For example a scene might show the view from behind (my favorite camera position) where you get to see the young girl's bottom turn a toasty red before your very eyes. But sometimes it's nice to see her facial reactions, or her bouncing breasts while she is being spanked.


So the same exact scene will be filmed with another camera at the side or front. Follow me? Both views will then be available to download.

I much prefer this compared to one camera wandering around or multiple camera angles that have been heavily edited together. In my opinion, too much editing can kill what could have been an amazing spanking scene.


The girls at Real Spankings are still young and beautiful, with the age range probably falling between 18 to 27, and perhaps a few above that. You won't find yourself rolling your eyes after seeing a 40 year old woman in a school girl outfit at this site.


How many girls?

Currently they have close to 161 models!


Yes you read that right. You get to see 161 different girls get spanked, some multiple times. Actually, if you go to Real Spankings main page and click on the link that says "Model Index", you can see pictures of all of them. Under each picture you will see a number that represents how many scenes she has filmed.


And regarding the scenes, Real Spankings tends to be the leader and not the follower by trying things that have never been done before. For example they have their Punishment Profile series, where new girls to the site are interviewed about their past experiences and then given their first spanking. Yes this has been done at other sites, but the idea was first hatched at Real Spankings.


Another favorite is the School Swats series where you get to witness an realspankingsauthentic school paddling, and see the results afterwards. Other sites have done fantasy school scenes in the past, but none have the same realism as School Swats in my opinion.


Real Spankings then throws you a curve, and goes off in a completely different direction. We've all seen the classic scenario where a parent or guardian spanks a young lady for some misdeed. And yes they have plenty of stuff like that on the site.


But in one scene a girl is spanked in the living room before her friends are supposed to come over, and to her shock the doorbell rings and the 3 friends are let in the house by the mother. They wait in the front hall while the spanking continues, and you get to watch the scene from their perspective while seeing their genuine reactions.


It looks spookingly realistic, and is another example of how Real Spankings continues to reinvent itself and provide exclusive and unique content.


Moving along to to price, this will really come as a shocker. They are actually one of the lowest priced spanking sites out there. If you have read any of my other reviews you will know I don't like to quote exact figures because they can change on a moments notice, but I will say Real Spankings is at least $10 cheaper then some of their competitors.


I find this amazing because at most I would consider their competition equal to Real Spankings, but in a few cases Real Spankings completely blows the other competition away. I'm not knocking the other sites and they are free to charge what they wish, and perhaps they have expenses that justify why they charge so much more, but I did feel the need to point it out.


In closing it's safe to say I love the site. Real Spankings continues to raise the bar that some other spanking sites seem to have a problem reaching. The unique content, beautiful girls, and boatloads of videos will surely keep most users happy. I give them my highest recommendations.



The Editor





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real spankings sample real spankings sample