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Wondering about a pay site before you join? The Editor dives head first into the sea of spanking web pages and gives an honest review of each one he comes across. Do they deliver what they promise?


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Reviewed Site:

Clare Fonda's
Spanked Sweeties

May 26, 2012
By The Editor
The Spanking News©

This is a site I've been meaning to post a review about for a while, but I've been so busy trying to revamp The Spanking News that I haven't had a chance until now. Since I haven't been to Spanked Sweeties recently I thought I would rejoin again just to make this review as fresh as possible. I also joined one of Clare Fonda's other sites called My Spanking Room Mate at the same time and I will review that one soon.

Clare Fonda is a legend in the spanking community, and Spanked Sweeties is her first site which been around since 2004. She currently has 5 female spanking sites, and one female spanks male site, so this woman has been very busy!


Before we take a look inside, lets cover the price of entry first. Although I don't like to quote exact numbers in case it goes up next week.. and have y'all come back here yelling at me, I will say it is definitely on the low end of the scale, which was a pleasant surprise. Times are tough for a lot of folks so every little bit helps.

Reviewed Site

Spanked Sweeties has a very clean and professional appearence on the outside, and the same nice look once you enter.

Once inside, the welcome page lists some of the new girls they have added, along with suggestions for a video player (VLC a free download and highly recommended, it plays everything!).

They also give you information on how to cancel, which I thought was a very nice touch, as well as their email if you have any questions or feedback. True many other sites may have this information, but a lot of times it's buried somewhere at the bottom of the page or not easy to locate.


Now before we move on to the good stuff, I should explain a few interesting things about Spanked Sweeties that makes it sort of unique. Basically what they do is interview all the girls first about their past spanking experiences.. I know what your thinking, other sites have done the same thing.. but what sets Spanked Sweeties apart is that they will then recreate the experience!

I don't know about you, but have you ever seen a hot girl and wondered to yourself if she has ever been spanked? I do! And if you think that spanking has sort of gone out of style, and a girl in her early 20's was probably never spanked since she didn't grow up in the 70's, well let me be the first to tell you that you are wrong.

The experiences some of these girls recount are so detailed, and the look in their eyes will leave no doubt in your mind that what they are telling you is true.
These are not fake made up stories to please an audience.

What is interesting though, is that they have a section of girls who have never been spanked, and they are definitely in the minority, which I would have thought would be the opposite. Anyways I just wanted to point out the interesting theme of this site before we move on.


To get around the site, the main menu gives you the following choices: Updates, All The Sweeties, Never Been Spanked, Alphabetical Sweeties, FAQ and Links.


I clicked on "All The Sweeties", and when the page loaded my jaw dropped! Guess how many girls they have on this site. 25? Higher. 50? No, still higher. 75? Nope, still way off! OK I'll tell you.. about 130!!


Yes they have about 130 girls at the time of this review. 130 different girls that you get to see interviewed, spanked, and in many cases spanked multiple times. And all this for roughly the price of a pizza?


I guess it is safe to say I am very impressed, so lets move on. Clicking on a picture of one of the girls brings you to another page with links for the videos on top and picture galleries below. A lot of sites seem to be getting away from pictures, but it was nice to see them here along with the videos.


Most of the time the videos are broken down into parts with the option of downloading the whole movie. And as mentioned above, many of the girls are involved in at least two recreated scenarios, with some having 3 or 4 different scenes. When you times that by the number of girls on Spanked Sweeties, that comes up to a hell of a lot of videos!


Video quality is excellent for the newer movies and good for the older ones. You have to remember this site is almost 10 years old, so the earliest videos will not look the same as the most recent, but that is the same with all other sites that have been around this long.


As far as implements and positions are concerned, most tend to be over the knee spanking with the hand, but occasionally a hairbrush or paddle are used and sometimes even the belt. Very little of the cane is found here though, so those looking for it would be disappointed.


Most of the spanking is done by Clare Fonda herself, and her style is firm but not cruel with a good dose of scolding and lecturing thrown in. She is after all usually playing the part of a mother, aunt or some other authority figure.
Clare Fonda
Other women sometimes do the spanking as well, but the main person that shares at least part of the spotlight with Clare is a gentleman that is simply referred to as, "Cameraman". 

He will sometimes play the part of a father figure, or just when they want a man to dish out the punishment. His style is a little more firm compared to Clare, and in general he scolds and lectures a lot less. It's nice to have this change every once and a while as I find a site sometimes gets stale if it is always the same person doing all the spanking.


Overall I loved Spanked Sweeties and I think it would be a great first choice for someone that has never joined a paysite before, or for anyone who wants to see over 130 different women spanked. As mentioned before, this would not be a good choice for those looking for the cane, or British style of discipline, but you will find a good mix of everything else.


The Editor