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Wondering about a pay site before you join? The Editor dives head first into the sea of spanking web pages and gives an honest review of each one he comes across. Do they deliver what they promise?


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Dallas Spanks Hard

June 3, 2012
By The Editor
The Spanking News©

I had a review of Dallas Spanks Hard up forever and thought it was long over-due for at least an update, but since so much has changed since I first reviewed it back in 2004 (how time flies), I figured it was definitely time for a complete new review, so here it is.


Dallas Spanks Hard first appeared on the web way back in 2003, but Dallas' first venture on the internet actually dates back about 3 years earlier with a Dallas Spanks Hardsite called, Dallas Spanks Tiki. Back then Google didn't even exist, and most computers had 8MB of RAM and a 56k dial-up connection.


Just as the internet experience has evolved over the years, Dallas Spanks Hard has transformed along with it.


In my 2004 review I boasted that his site had 30 models. Now that number has grown to over 100.


But the number of models isn't the only thing that's changed over the past decade. The quality, updates, and overall feel of the site has changed as well. In the old days the scenes were very simple, yet at the same time very effective. Meaning Dallas showed everything you needed to see without the fluff. And above all, he spanked hard.


Yes the title is not just a cleaver name with no truth. Dallas Spanks Hard was one of the first websites to actually show hard spankings on a regular basis, not just sometimes with select models. I consider him the North American version of Lupus or Mood Castings in terms of severity.


Red bottomWhat I mean is If you've ever wished there was a site with the same hard spankings as Lupus or Mood, but with over the knee spankings instead of the cane, Dallas Spanks Hard is the site for you.


True, the quality of Lupus productions will probably never be beaten by anyone anytime soon, the problem is they rarely do OTK and when they do, it usually looks a little strange. While Mood Castings uses the cane exclusively.


Although Dallas is most well known for hard over the knee spankings, he has plenty of videos with paddles, various straps, as well as the cane. This rounds the site off nicely and will please a very broad audience.


However as mentioned earlier, remember the name of the site. Meaning if you are expecting light patty-cake type spankings that barely turn a girl's bottom a light pink, you will be in for a shock. These are hard realistic spankings, strapping and paddling, so in most cases count on the color of the girl's bottom being closer to that of an apple compared to that of a light pink golf shirt.


And speaking of the girls, they are all beautiful and plentiful. Besides some of the big names in the spanking industry, you will find a wide range of lovely Dallas Spanks Hardladies to choose from. From the very tall to very petite, extremely fit, and average body types. Then there are women with lots of tattoos, girl next door types, those that look like high priced models, and even a Penthouse Pet of the year!


Moving on to navigation, it's simple as could be. Click on a model's picture and you are given the choice to download the videos or pictures. Quality is excellent as well and has come a long way since the earlier days of the site.


The lighting is good, sound is crystal clear and plenty of different camera angles without getting distracting.



In it's early days, Dallas Spanks Hard would have been considered a small player in the industry. The new guy that had a lot of catching up to do to be able to compete with some of the big powerhouses of the spanking world. That has now changed.


Some of those big sites should be paying close attention to Dallas, and not take their members for granted thinking they can just coast along on their good name forever by recycling the same 5 models over and over, and filming the same old boring scenes.


I Dream of JanieFor example, I like the occasional schoolgirl scenario as much as the next guy, but it does get old very quick. As far as I know, Dallas has never done the schoolgirl theme (besides one girl that wore the outfit), but I don't miss it when I visit the site.


Instead he has his original Rawhide series, which is a cowboy and cowgirl theme, followed by a few TV show type productions such as, "I Spank Lucy" a take-off of I Love Lucy and "I Dream of Janie" taken from I Dream Of Jeanie.


The final two are pure gold, and are a must see in my opinion. The costumes and acting, especially by Nikki Rouge as Lucy and Amelia Jane Rutherford as Janie, almost make it seem like you're watching a skit from Saturday Night Live. 


It's going the extra mile like this that separates Dallas from a lot of the competition.


Of course there are plenty of videos for those who just want to see good hard Over the kneespankings, and lots of it. The backbone of the site still features many young ladies who get spanked for some sort of mistake or transgression from her past.


Depending on the level of her crime, the punishment can range from a simple spanking.. which is still a hard spanking, to various straps, paddles, hairbrush, switches, and the cane.



Overall Dallas Spanks Hard is an excellent site for new visitors or those who have been around the block a few times and are looking to add some fantastic videos of beautiful women getting spanked to their collection. As mentioned a few times already, Dallas really does spank hard, so if you're looking for a limp wristed or light playful spankings this is not the place for you.


The Editor


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