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Reviewed Spanking Websites

The new..
Lupus Spanking
membership site!

By The Editor
The Spanking News

O.K I will keep this first part very short for those that just wanted to confirm that Lupus really has opened a membership site that will allow you to download their movies.
Yes they have.
Yes it is amazing..
Go there now!!

Now for the few of you who are still left reading this, let's continue..
Over the last week, my stats counter on this site has been telling me something truly incredible. With only a few links on this site and our other site (Only Spanking) pointing to the new Lupus site, all records have been broken for the amount of people going there and signing up for a membership. For a few days last week, the new Lupus site generated more sales then every other sponsor on this site combined! This has never happened before in the history of The Spanking News. In fact no other site has even come close to generating this many sign-ups in such a short time period. I just wanted to let you guys know just how popular the new Lupus site is right now. Folks it is very, very popular! I am willing to bet people have been waiting for Lupus to start a membership site for a long time.

About Lupus
Many of you have probably probably heard of Lupus Pictures before, the rest might be saying, "Who?" Although they have not been around for decades like other production companies like to boast, who cares. Lupus puts 80% of all other spanking movie makers to complete shame with a quality independent film style like you have never seen before. It's not even a battle with most of their competition.. it's a slaughter. This might be the reason why the Czechoslovakian producer has a wolf as it's mascot. And their motto.. "We're wolves from the east.. Werewolves from the east." Very fitting indeed.

While watching a Lupus movie you may find yourself forgetting that you are actually watching what is supposed to be classified as an adult film. With the scenery, professional sets, and stunning cinematography you might think you are watching some made for TV mini series.. that is until the spankings begin!
I've said it before, and I'll say it again. I have no idea how Lupus can pull this off. Seriously. Many of their films have a historic script which calls for costumes, make-up, professional sound & lighting, and a large cast of characters like you would expect to see in a mid budget hollywood production.

Still from:
Old Janitor's Tales

For example just take a look at the credits for this movie: The Crime at St. Thomas School

Headmistress: Aurora von Kratzmar
Class Teacher: Alexandra Wolf
Neruda, The Czech Teacher: Jiøí Zábor
Novák, The Chemistry Teacher: Michal A. Valášek
Teachers: Jan Tart, Ronald Rinaldino, Jan Zlatoústý,
Viera Šmikmátorová
Janitor: Zbyšek Podhájský
Schoolboy: Jan Žáèek
Charlady: Riana Zither
Gardener: Thomas J. Marco
Jana Kaudlová: Michaela Mysh Judasová
Kristýna Šmídová: Lucie Ramberková
Aneta Dusilová: Jiøina Velská
Lenka Hudcová: Kateøina Podbìlohorská
Dagmar Kocourková: Alena Ruèilová
Iveta Korejsová: Milena Zachová
Marie Mareèková: Radka Šedá
Blanka Kubešová: Ilona Zazníková
Eva Mikšová: Magdalena Hornáková
Gabriela Pánková: Jitka Lehníková
Helena Samcová: Jitka Kramáøová
Pavlína Schellerová: Marie Žáková
Svìtlana Olišanská: Pavlína Víchová
Božena Nìmcová: chybí/missing
Eliška Krásnohorská: chybí/missing


Story by: Thomas J. Marco, Pavel Šťastný, Pavel Krčín, Jan Žáček
Screenplay: Pavel Šťastný
Director: Thomas J. Marco
Director of Photography: Rudolf P. Weiss
Second Camera Operator: Karel Elznic
Film Editor: Erik Vassaluz
Director Assistant: Zbyšek Podhájský
Key Makeup Artist: Magda Jirátová
Costume Designer: Alena Smutná
Costume Supervisor: Irena Malá
Production Manager: Irena Malá
Postproduction Sound Editor: Stanislav Stenko
Production Mixer: Erik Vassaluz
Sound Assistant Ing. Radim Chyba
Post Production Director: Pavel Šťastný, Thomas J. Marco
Music Composer: Johan Bruner
Chief Lighting Technician: Ing. Radim Chyba
Sound Production Assistant: Ing. Radim Chyba
Office Production Assistant: Jan Žáček
Scenic Artist: Irena Malá
Script: Riana Zither
Clapper: Michal A. Valášek
Property Master: Irena Malá
Still Photographer: Rian Whitlock
Title Design: Altair Communications
Catering: Irena Malá
IT Support: Altair Communications
Special Effects: Adolf Vznětlivý

It's safe to say they put a little effort into each production!

I could go on forever, but a Lupus/ Rigid East movie can not be easily described. You really have to watch one with your own eyes to fully understand what I am talking about. Now let's move on to the new site and what goodies are inside.

The Members Area

Sceen shot

I was very impressed at the members area of the new Lupus site. Someone obviously spent a great deal of time coming up with this layout, and you could not ask for something easier to navigate. Basically you just choose which movie you are interested in from the left hand column, and then you are taken to a separate page that focuses just on that movie. Exactly the way it should be done! I wish more pay sites would make their sites this easy to get around.

Once you are on the page for the movie you selected, there is a scrollable synopsis of the film at the top followed by choices to either download the whole movie or smaller parts at a time. Towards the bottom they have included a gallery with dozens of stills from the film. A perfect addition that allows members to see what the movie is about before deciding to download it. Again, I wish all sites would do this.

Screen shot

All movies are in real video format, and the quality of the films I have downloaded so far are excellent. Since Lupus movies are filmed with such high clarity to begin with, the transfer to the rm format caused very little loss of picture quality. You can easily watch any of the movies in full screen mode and you would swear you were watching a DVD. The size and length of each movie varies. Some are short, but still have lots of action, while others are longer yet spend more time on the storyline.

Download speeds were also excellent. My speeds were as high as my connection gives me, which is a little over 310 KB/Sec. Currently there are lots of great titles to choose from on this brand new site. If you have never seen a Lupus/ Rigid East film, some I highly recommend are: Old Janitor's Tales, Crime at St. Thomas School, Unashamed sisters, and the Globus. And although I just signed up a few days ago and can't yet comment on updates, Lupus promises I FULL MOVIE every week. Yippee! Something tells me I am going to stay a member to this website for a long time!

Still from:
Unashamed Sisters


A few comments for the poor dial-up users that might be reading this. GET HIGH SPEED! The price has come down so much that it is a must if you plan on doing any serious downloading. But for those who can't get it in their area and are wondering if they will still be able to download Lupus movies, the answer is.. sort of. Some of the shorter movies you should have no problem, but the longer ones you will need some patience. I do have to give credit to Lupus for at least trying. I mean there is one movie called Reform School that they split up into 57 parts! If they didn't care about dial-up users I am sure they would not have gone through all this trouble.


Lupus Spanking gets 5 out of 5 stars not just for their movies, but for the way the whole site is put together. Great films, fast download speeds, easy to navigate with lots of pictures to show you what you are downloading. What more would anyone want?

Visit Lupus Spanking

The Editor

The Spanking News.com