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Spanking Story Links

Castle Handyman

This site brings back memories! It was one of the very first spanking pages I found when I joined the Internet community years ago. It still survives today, although it remains in archive form. A wonderful host of stories from some very talented writers.

The Janitorium

A nice assortment of stories and Da Janitor even has his own store now. Pick up a spanking T-shirt or tote bag today..all the cool kids are wearing them!

Laura's Spanking Corner

A massive collection of spanking stories, and for the most part is an archive as well. But there is so much here you won't be running out of reading material anytime soon.

Misty's Corner

I like this place! Its set up in a very interesting way, and there are many fun areas to explore. Be sure to visit the"A Day in the Life" section, for some hilarious stories told with the aid of dolls!

Pablo & Mija's Treehouse

Another cool site with stories by Mija and Pablo. Have a look in their toy box for some funny reviews of the "spanking toys" they own.

Saint Francis School for Girls

At first glance this looks like a page for a real Girls School. A very neat and tidy place to visit. A nice set of spanking stories.

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