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Romanian gymnast Corina Ungureanu,
was spanked by her coach.

The Spanking News

At a recent launch for her new book Corina Ungureanu -beginning and end, the former World team champion talked about her relationship with her coach, Octavian Belu. "I received many spankings from Mr. Belu [...] but I believe competitive sports require a Spartan education, not one like in boarding schools (n.t - old fashioned Romanian boarding schools were notoriously lax and laid back). Belu is one of the best gymnastics coaches in the world and his spankings helped me a lot. It was like an impulse to snap out of my tired and exhausted state."

While doing some digging on this story, The Spanking News has learned the 22 year old Corina continues to be naughty since retiring from the sport. In 1999 she posed nude for Romanian Playboy, and in November 2002 did it again for a Japenese magazine called Shukan Gendai.
And if that wasn't enough, a few weeks later a book and two DVD's featuring Corina and two former Romanian gymnasts naked, went on sale. The two other gymnasts who are also need a spanking are: Lavinia Milosovici, age 26, and Claudia Presecan, age 23.

The pictures and DVD's showed the bad girls posing naked, and performing gymnastics on a balance beam in only a G-string.
The Romanian federation has since barred the three from coaching and refereeing in official competitions for five years.
Hmmm...this editor would have liked to have seen another spanking!

©2004 The Spanking News