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Roller Derby taken to a new high with..
The Texas Rollergirls!

The Spanking News

I think I have found my new favorite sport. Roller Derby. And more specifically, The Texas Roller Girls. Tell you more? Gladly! What if I told you there is a new sport made up of bad girls that not only play mean, but get spanked on a regular basis... as part of the game! And if that isn't enough these hot gals occasionally get spanked off the playing field as well. Got your attention? Read on.
Ah yes, how the game has changed since it was originally introduced in 1935 as a diversion to Great Depression. But change can sometimes be good, and in the case of The Texas Roller Girls, it is a very pleasant change.

The Hell Marys

Miss Conduct
First let me tell you about the game. The Texas Rollergirls is a league comprised of 4 teams of hot kick ass women based in Austin, Texas. The team names are:

The Hell Marys -A group of naughty girls that dress in Catholic school uniform type outfits (The Editors favorite team)

The Honky Tonk Heartbreakers -Are rodeo sweethearts dressed in blue and white gingham.

The Hotrod Honeys -Are a girl gang that dress in black and pink, and like their cars fast.

The Hustlers -Are a bunch of 70's chicks dressed in purple and silver.

The Texas Rollergirls is basically hell on wheels, with lots of falling, fighting and chaos. They skate on a flat track for two 14-minute periods, followed by a cool half-time show and then the second part of the game is played. After, it sounds like they all go to the bar and get drunk for an after-party. That's my kind of game! You can read up on all the rules doing a quick search, but since I only have so much space here lets move on to a few specifics: The penalties. This is where they get the fans involved.

Buckshot Betty

Although the penalties are decided by spinning a wheel, everyone's favorite is Spank Alley. Tickets for a draw are held at the beginning of each event, with the winners sitting in a special section on the sidelines ready to be called into duty. When the girls get into a fight or some other trouble, the wheel is spun to decide the naughty girl's fate.

Spank Alley!
If the wheel lands on Spank Alley, the young lady must skate by the raffle winners with bottom presented to be spanked. From the looks of it, the flimsy paper paddles that they hand out are only for show and are quickly thrown to the ground. Instead a bare hand is applied to the bad girl's panty covered bottom. I'm not sure who dreamed this idea up, but I fully support it and wish it could be applied to other sports such as Women's Beach Volleyball, Figure Skating, and Tennis. Stop looking at me like that..I'm serious! I mean it is supposed to be a penalty right? A trip down Spank Alley..
with skirt raised.
And while my little brain it ticking I came up with another way to dish out "penalties" to The Rollergirls. Instead of the Spank Alley thing, they should have it more like hockey. If you've ever watched hockey your familiar with the penalty box and the "2 minutes for roughing" calls. So in place of spending 2 minutes sitting in the box, the girl could be spanked over the knee for 2 minutes by a lucky raffle winner! Can I have a show of hands please?
OK I know I'm getting off track here, but there is a few more interesting points to this story. The spanking doesn't end on playing field folks. Since this style of Roller Derby is new and is looking for support, the ladies occasionally hold special fundraising and charity events. At a couple of these functions, these Texas cuties run a spanking booth where they offer their bottoms to be spanked.. again! Yeeha!
So if you happen to live in the Texas area or can get there, get on out and support the Rollergirls anyway you can...either by spanking them or going to their matches. Lets keep this great sport alive!

The Editor

©2004 The Spanking News