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By The Editor
The Spanking News©

Smoking is not only bad for your health, it can be bad for your butt as well. Judy, a 26 years old data entry clerk from a small town called Edgewater, knows this all too well. Being caught smoking doesn't simply mean a good lecture or finger shaking in her direction. It means a good old fashioned, bare bottom over the knee spanking. And sometimes with a belt!

Sky Judy, commonly known to her fans as "Sky" was once featured on the popular amateur spanking site called The site shows the cute and often times very naughty 26 year old being spanked for transgressions such as swearing, smoking, or just having a smart mouth. "I have to admit, I deserve every spanking I get. Sure its embarrassing and hurts like heck, but I learn from it.", Sky says. When asked if she had bad feelings towards the person spanking her, she simply replied "Of course not, I know they are only doing it for my own good, why would I hate them for that?

sky over the knee

Growing up in a strict family where good old fashioned spankings were the norm, Sky is no stranger to a firm hand applied to her backside, or even the belt. "It was always on the bare bottom." she adding "If we did something bad enough to get spanked, pants and panties came down and over the knee you would arguments, no fuss. If you gave any lip about getting a spanking you were pretty well guaranteed the belt!" Sky's sister Cassandra would also find her pert bottom occasionally aflame, but according to Sky, she was not spanked nearly as often.

sky spanked

"For every spanking she got, I probably got three!" laughed the website star, "I was always the curious one, the one who pushed the boundries to see how far I could go." And its that curiosity and naughty behaviour that attracts visitors from around the world to her page, and probably will for sometime to come. Sneaking a peak at pictures and video clips of her punishments, all of which are painfully real with nothing faked.

sky getting the belt

"When we first started the site and it only had pictures, I'm sure a lot of people thought they were fake and I was not really spanked. But after we added the video clips, especially the ones where I got the belt, I think that put all that doubt to rest." Laughing, "I had people writing to me and offering me comfort. And many had questions, like how many days did it take until I was able to sit down. Most of the letters I get are very sweet." And Sky is very sweet indeed. Too sweet to be spanked? Don't let her innocent look fool you!







in the corner

sky corner