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By The Editor
The Spanking News©

kate When Kate was younger, she knew when she was given a set of rules to follow, they better be followed. Any infractions were dealt with swiftly and always in the same manner. A spanking.

"My parents were strict, but not overly strict or smothering," the 30 yr. tells The Spanking News. "My sisters and I had fun, and for the most part we were pretty good kids.. most of the time."

However, for the times they weren't "pretty good kids" the same ritual would be employed. "We were usually spanked in the living room or the bedroom. If it was for something big, the living room would be used in front of everyone to make an example out of you."

kate otk

And it is those same scenarios that Kate shares with us on the website: Kate's Spanking World "When I got older, I wanted the spankings to continue in my relationships. I wanted to be held accountable for my actions." She continues

"When I was approached to make the website, I laughed! I thought no one would want to see me get spanked. I didn't really see it as a sexual thing...a little bit maybe, but I wanted it more for discipline then anything else."

And how is Kate disciplined? How is she spanked? "Over the knee on my bare butt. That's the way I always got it. Most of the time a good hand spanking gets my attention, but sometimes I get the ping pong paddle, and for extreme circumstances the belt." she says casually.

kate getting the belt

And for what reasons will Kate find her adorable backside bared, and over a knee?

"Coming home late, especially without calling will earn me a good hard spanking. My boyfriend hates that. Also, if I'm slacking off with my school or fail a test, the belt comes out. Since he pays for most of my school, I don't blame him for giving me a good whipping if he knows I'm not trying my best."

And a good whipping is exactly what she gets from the video clips seen on her site. The type that makes you say "Ow!" just watching them. Kate is your average girl next door...that you didn't knew still got spanked...and her webpage has a nice amateur type feel without a lot of glitter and hype. A great site for those who want to see a real life girl, really get spanked, not because she's getting paid, but because she knows she deserves it. But don't expect to see Kate's face in the pics anytime soon. "Sorry, but if my boss or someone at school saw me getting my fanny tanned over the knee, I would just die!"



kate spanked over the knee












kate getting the belt