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By The Editor
The Spanking News©
Jan 13, 2013


Police chief spanks bank teller



Police Chief spanks 19-year-old bank teller for accidently setting off the silent alarm.



September 13, 1986

LADY LAKE — Police Chief Gene Daniels spanked a 19-year-old bank teller who accidentally set off a silent alarm and apologized only after she threatened to file charges against him.

Daniels admitted Friday that on Sept. 2 he took Umatilla State Bank employee Katherine Kimmons by the arm, pulled her over his knee and spanked her three times in the presence of three co-workers.

Kimmons said she was not hurt during the spanking and that she laughed afterward ''basically to cover up my embarrassment.''

She said she was satisfied with Daniels' apology.

''That's all I wanted,'' she said. If he hadn't apologized, ''I would have gone ahead'' and pressed charges.

Daniels said the spanking was done in jest and that he often jokes with bank employees for setting off alarms.

''I was just kidding around about it,'' he said.

''There's nothing to the incident, really. The father wanted an apology and he got it.''

Katherine's father, John Kimmons, confronted Daniels the day after the spanking and told the police chief to apologize.

Six days later, when Daniels had not apologized, Kimmons wrote city officials informing them that unless the police chief apologized by Sept. 11, his daughter would press charges.

Daniels delivered a letter of apology the same day.

''Like any father, I blew my top,'' Kimmons said. ''I behaved like a normal parent.''

Daniels also apologized to bank manager William Maggio after Maggio wrote a letter to Mayor Johanna Perrigo saying he ''does not condone'' Daniels' action and that he also expected an apology.

Perrigo said she could not overlook Daniels' actions, so she scheduled a discussion of the incident for Monday's commission meeting.

''My feeling is that it is a most unfortunate incident,'' Perrigo said. ''But an individual who serves in that capacity -- as a chief of police of the entire town -- his behavior and his actions should be exemplary and his conduct should be above reproach.''

Commissioners Andy Hall, Earl Rowlette and Harold Carlander said Friday that they consider the matter over.

Hall, who was vice mayor when commissioners reprimanded Daniels four years ago for throwing a bottle of champagne through a living room window during a domestic dispute, said there ''absolutely'' will not be a written reprimand issued to Daniels over the spanking.

''If all parties are satisfied, this commissioner plans to take no action,'' he said.

Commissioner Helen Cottom cqwas out of town and could not be reached for comment Friday.





The moral of this story? If you are a boss or in a position of power, don't spank people! You will go to jail! Read my article about finding a spanking partner, it's not as difficult as you might think. Go to a spanking party, or even pay for the services if you have to. It beats going to jail, being fined, a criminal record, and possibly being labled as a sex offender.


The Editor