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Woman Gets Belt For Smoking



Smoking is not only bad for your health, it can be bad for your butt as well. Judy Norman, a 26 years old data entry clerk from a small town called Edgewater, knows this all too well.


Being caught smoking doesn't simply mean a good lecture or finger shaking in her direction. It means a good old fashioned, bare bottom over the knee spanking.


And sometimes with a belt!




Woman gets belt for smoking





Wife Spanked For Coming Home Late



When Kate came home late after a night out with the girls, the Sudbury native got in a little more trouble then she bargined for.


"I got a spanking", the shy woman with her head lowered admitted.


It didn't help her case that she had also had too much to drink, and forgot to call home to say she was running a little late. 




Woman spanked for coming home late





The Spanking Superintendant



Leonard Ogburn, Superintendent of the Arkansas School for the Blind (ASB), is a man of few words that likes to get to the bottom of things.


On September 23, 1994 he was forced resign over charges and counter-charges of sexual misconduct, including spanking of many women on separate occasions




Spanking Superintendant





Spanked Before Congress



When the Los angeles school board reinstated corporal punishment in 1979, a lady named Bobbi Fiedler led the campaign to restore C.P in L.A schools.


In photo, Ms Fiedler submits to three of the best (?) from a school official. She was making good on a promise to accept three swats before voting so that she could feel first hand "the full impact".




Spanked Before Congress





Encyclopedia Britannica Spanks Reporter



Sun reporter Crittenden takes a spanking from Michael Foote, The Bookworm, after Crittenden made four spelling mistakes in a test she took yesterday at the Encyclopedia Britannica booth.




reporter spanked





Sorority Slapped With Suspension



Zeta Phi Beta is suspended on hazing charges after an investigation concluded the sorority used a wooden paddle to spank potential members.




Sorority girls paddled