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Boss Gave Spankings For Failing Tests



Neil Mahfouz had a new idea for staff discipline. Instead of the usual reprimands or written warnings, he would put them over his knee and give them a good old fashioned spanking.




Spanked for failing test





Mom says no to the paddle, and spanks daughter herself



"They make you spread your legs and bend over and put your hands flat on the desk," she said,


"Then they rub the paddle lightly on your rear end just to kind of tease you, and then they hit you as hard as they can," 




Daughter spared paddle, but gets belt from mom





Worlds First Robotic Spanking Machine For Sale



So you've had a long day at work, come home, and the wife or girlfriend is being a brat...just begging for a spanking.


What do you do? Spank her of course!


But what if your just too plum tuckered out to even raise your hand over your head, let alone the energy to dish out a good spanking to your bad girl?




Robotic Spanking Machine





Jail Guard Accused of Spanking Female Inmate



A Prison officer is being investigated over claims he spanked a woman inmate for sexual kicks.

John Hood is alleged to have lifted the prisoner on to a pool table and smacked her four times on the bottom.




Guard spanked inmate





"Bully Boss" Spanks Girl



A WOMAN supervisor at a Gwent social club was "humiliated and degraded" when the steward spanked her several times on her bottom.




boss spanks girl





Storm Star Cancels Spanking Bet



WNBA standout Sue Bird says she never meant to offend anyone by agreeing to accept a wager that, if she lost, would have required her to be spanked during a radio show.




spanking bet cancelled





Temptation Island Star Kara Gets Spanked, Paddled and Caned!



One of the sexy bikini clad beauties from the hit T.V series Temptation Island 3 has been on T.V before...or at least computer monitors. Kara, the 24 year receptionist from Las Vegas, Nevada was a bad girl. So bad that she was spanked over the knee, bent over and paddled, strapped and caned... all on her bare bottom!




Temptation Island Star Spanked