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spanking bear

The Spanking Bear!

Obviously from a different time, as I'm not sure how well this would go over if sold today. I laugh when I think about someone actually showing this to a friend or relative!

When turned on, the moma bear spanks the baby bear while he kicks and squeals. What's even funnier is that I've seen these selling on auction sites for as high as $600!

Click picture to enlarge




Spanking Video Game

Spanking Video Game

I have to admit, when I first saw this I honestly thought it was a joke and not a real video game. But it is! Invented by the Japanese (of course), you get to choose from 8 characters to spank.


The brochure says at the end of the game, the machine will print out a card outlining the player's sexual behavior.

Click picture to enlarge.




spanking machine

Lifting and Spanking Machine

O.k now if my understanding is correct, these contraptions were sort of like jokes used at carnivals and shows.


I'll let you read about it yourself. Click the picture for a complete description of this wacky device.




spanking machine 2

Invisible Paddle Machine

Here's another one from the same catalog.


Note both devices use a 32-calibre blank cartridge for effect!


Click the picture to read all about it.






From the same makers as above, used for those special "initiation" parties.


And yes, you guessed it. They found a way to put a 32-calibre blank cartridge in this device too!


Click the picture to read more.





Handspanked Burger

Hey why not! This picture has been on joke sites for years, but sadly the restaurant closed down recently.


Click picture to enlarge.





Spanking Watch

I want one of these! This poor guy gets paddled every minute of the day...which works out to be 1440 times.


That's gotta hurt! I saw this for sale on Ebay a few years ago.
Click picture to enlarge.




Wife beater's permit

Wife Beaters Permit

Now this is just wrong! Made back in 1957, this sign might have been a big laugh for a lot of folks then, but putting this on your wall today will surely mean instant death!

Click picture to enlarge




Spanking Sign

Hoe Spanking


Don't look at me like that. I don't make the news, I just print it! I don't understand the last part of this sign.


Click picture to enlarge.